My week in instagram: a collage of cuteness

instagram photos from 6-4 to 6-7

Cake pops at Starbucks ; a wagon ride to the playground with friends ; a toddler piano concerto ; happy bath time! and circle windows.

It’s been a good week of fun with friends at the park, tasty treats at the local Target Starbucks and looking out their giant circular windows, enjoying day after day of beautiful weather, happy bath times (I think the first time I’ve given her a bath that she didn’t scream at me, seriously) and silly toddlers making music together.

I’ve barely been picking up my big beautiful camera lately as the ease of cell phone shots and the fun of instagram is too enticing. And honestly, more challenging – trying to get a good shot with a cell phone is hard and I’ve been enjoying the practice.Though at some point I’ll need to start taking “real pictures” again. :O)

Collage made with iPiccy, which works really well. I also like PicMonkey – both are free photo editing tools that are the perfect replacement for anyone still mourning the loss of picnik.

2 Replies to “My week in instagram: a collage of cuteness”

  1. I need to use those for collages instead of doing photoshop!

    And, picking up my camera is a challenge, too…it’s never nearby and my phone is!


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