Currently. (june 11, 2012)

Obsessing over: getting rid of the refrigerator full of leftovers from our summer bbq yesterday. We had a beautiful afternoon of good weather, great company and delicious food. I haven’t weighed in yet today but I suspect I might have blown my chances at weight loss this week. Worth.every.bite.

Feeling: relief after a big scare Saturday morning. Little BB took a fall at the Y while big brother was in his swim class – and got a very nasty goose egg on the forehead. It was a very scary 25 minutes from when she fell, to the three seconds when she briefly stopped crying and absolutely terrified us enough to take her to urgent care, only to have seemingly recovered completely by the time we saw the doctor. By the next day she had made a full recovery but I’m not sure Dan or I have quite recovered from the scare yet.

Working on: attending to some chores that have fallen by the wayside this weekend after all the crazy of urgent care, summer bbqs, errands and fun. I need to catch up on the dishes and laundry and just general clearing of clutter. And let’s not talk about the state of the toy room currently. I’m trying to pretend it isn’t there.

Reading: The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman – this month’s book club pick is long but addictive. I’m a little over halfway through and enjoying it immensely.

Anticipating: MM’s kindergarten graduation tomorrow! I can’t believe my little boy has basically finished his first year of school. Summer vacation officially starts on Wednesday!

Listening to: MM folding his laundry while watching Phineas and Ferb in the next room. BB is down for a nap after avoiding naptime all weekend. Momma is catching up on bloggy land and Facebook for a few minutes.

Drinking: a nice, tall, refreshing glass of water – what else? ;o)

Wishing: that I’d worn sneakers this morning for my walk – my sandals met their walking match this morning and my poor feet are paying the price.

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2 Replies to “Currently. (june 11, 2012)”

  1. Oh the graduation…so bittersweet!

    Our vacation wasn’t brutal on my weight, but my waist seems to have expanded!


  2. Glad Miss BB is ok! Nothing scarier than your kid falling and hitting their head. Been there done that. It’s just so crazy that you guys are still in school..mine have been out for 3 weeks now. 🙂 Of course we start way early too.


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