Currently. (august 13th 2012)

Scrambled eggs. on 365 Project

Obsessing over: this new scrambled egg recipe that I discovered at Stone Soup recently. It is ridiculously easy and quite tasty. I’ve been making it frequently since discovering it and haven’t gotten sick of it yet.

Feeling: proud of myself for finishing my first 5k this weekend – walking not running, but still so proud. I might have complained bitterly nearly every step of the way but the elements were not exactly in my favor that day – but still I persevered and I finished!! Hurrah!

My first 5k. on 365 Project

Working on: finding the motivation to take the kids to the mall for a walk / play time but kind of wanting to just sit here and not do any of those things.

Thinking about: my doctor’s appointment this afternoon with the Ears Nose Throat specialist to figure out how to get my allergies and blerghy feelings under control. It’d be swell to not have to take three allergy medicines just to feel almost okay.

Reading: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. The hubby and I bought a copy the other week as a tiny little joint anniversary gift and I dove in as quickly as I could. I’ve been wanting to read this book since practically forever and I gotta say, it is not disappointing at all. Really digging this one and I think he will enjoy it too when he gets a turn.

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Anticipating: moving my new pretty desk into the office once it finishes drying / defuming. Also planning to really give the office a thorough organizing / purging so I’m looking forward to order being restored to this room for basically the first time. May it be a permanent change…

Listening to: the kids playing in the next room… not too happily. Totally gonna have to intervene in a minute I think…

Wishing: I could give all my chores to someone else. I’m so not in the mood.

Pinning (The Random Edition): 

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2 Replies to “Currently. (august 13th 2012)”

  1. @ Jean : I was skeptical too about the recipe but I’ve really been digging it. And it uses so little of the creamed corn and ricotta that both containers will last me awhile.

    I am kind of infatuated with Night Circus, I wouldn’t start it until you are prepared to be in it for the long haul!


  2. Im intrigued by the scrambled egg recipe. Cream corn and eggs?
    Also I have the Night Circus on my Kindle just haven’t gotten to it yet. Im scared it will be yet another book I can’t get away from and nothing else will get done. 😉


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