quick craft: a cardboard playhouse for your littles

a reading nook for littles

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a plethora of cardboard boxes waiting for a new purpose or recycling day – whichever comes first! If you’ve got yourself a spare box, some scissors and duct tape – I’ve got a great craft project for you that takes no time at all!

I saw this quick craft idea at All For The Boys to create a collapsible playhouse for the kiddos out of an old cardboard box and immediately  grabbed the largest box I had lying around and started cutting and taping. I actually never got around to the collapsible part of this craft, by far one of the cooler aspects, as my kids were seriously nipping at my heels watching me construct the thing and all but dragged it to the playroom themselves once I got the roof taped on.

This quick craft is a serious stroke of genius and was so easy to put together. Next time we get a larger box in the mail I’m going to make an even bigger one that both kids can fit inside together.