Currently. (august 21st 2012)

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Obsessing over: all things Doctor Who really. We’ve been watching it nearly every night for two or three months now so I guess it’s no surprise that I’ve spent more time blogging about Doctor Who than anything else lately. Here’s my most recent post at my other bloggy digs about an awesome Doctor Who / Call Me Maybe parody. You know you want to see that.

Feeling: proud of myself for trying a lot of new recipes in the past few days and in general being far more of a domestic goddess than usual in the kitchen department. Sunday night I made Paula Deen’s lasagna soup and garlic crostini that came out really well. Yesterday I tried this slow cooker chicken and dumpling recipe that was… pretty good but has room for improvement in my opinion – namely that it took a LOT longer than the recipe said to finish the biscuits on top. Tonight I made spaghetti and Italian sausage & red sauce with homemade garlic bread and a side salad. No real recipe there, just cook food and eat it, but definitely delicious.

Working on: finishing up some last minute goals from our summer bucket list. Tomorrow we are planning to try our hand at running a lemonade stand. It will be a first for both the kids and myself and I’m a little nervous that our yard is really too steep to set up a stand on, but we’ll see!

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Thinking about: our schedule for the fall. MM enrolls into first grade on Friday and I’m looking forward to finding out who his teacher will be, where his class is, etc. and we’ve also been planning activities for BB and I to do during the day together while big brother is at school.

Reading: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, I’m almost halfway through it and kind of madly in love. You know those books that make you want to go to bed early just to get in more reading time? Yeah, it’s one of those books.

Listening to: the kids settling down for the night, the hubby working on a desk for his workshop down in the basement – the handy guy has been all kinds of busy lately in the wood working department. He was so pleased with how my desk came out that he dove right into building himself something. Wanna see pictures? Of course you do!

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Isn’t it pretty? I love how massive it is, having lots of table space to work on.

Wishing: the kids would put themselves to bed, but I really do need to wrap this up and get on that. I snuck in a few minutes to update before initiating bedtime figuring they’d like some extra time to play and I missed posting this yesterday and really wanted to check in with my four readers before you all think I’ve been abducted.

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  1. Ok so now your really getting me intrigued with Doctor Who and Night Circus. I may have to take the plunge on both. 🙂


  2. That’s an awesome desk, I can’t get over how big it is! Of course for me that would mean more space to cover with crap… It’s gorgeous though, he did an amazing job.


  3. I LOVED Night Circus. I read it in two days. I wanted that to be our giveaway book for bookclub but because of the price (it was a hardcover at the time) I ended up having to nix it (although, with all the people who didn’t show up, it COULD have been the giveaway book. Perhaps I’ll wander over to your lemonade stand today (?) because I probably won’t be making it to book club tonight.


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