Currently. (august 27th 2012)

speed racer

Obsessing over: the state of education and the school quality in the area. After learning what “grade” the school MM attends currently has, I was a little taken aback at how LOW the score was. I knew it wasn’t one of the better schools in the area, but it’s even lower than I would have guessed. Which has me looking more avidly at the private school options in the area and open enrollment into another school in the coming years. I’m not super worried about first grade – he’s a smart kid and the material shouldn’t be too difficult, but I want to make sure he’s getting the best education we can give him.

Feeling: beyond excited to see one of my favorite musicians performing in concert Thursday night. I’ve been a huge fan of Rebecca Loebe since the early 2000’s and it’s been far too long since I’ve last heard her perform – so excited she brought her tour all the way to Wisconsin – really looking forward to the show!

Working on: finding a new dresser for MM. We got both kids these terrifically inexpensive RAST dressers from IKEA a couple of years ago but they were much smaller than I’d realized when I ordered them and MM has already outgrown his and will need more room once the cooler weather / bulkier clothing season hits this fall. We’ll likely look at IKEA again but we want to go to the store so we can inspect the dressers carefully and get the right ones.

lemonade for a quarter

Proud of: my little entrepreneurial kiddos for having their first lemonade stand last week. They prepped some cans of organic frozen lemonade, made cookies, figured out pricing and a table to set everything up on. We didn’t pick the best time & day and didn’t see any walkers while we were out but two of my very good friends came by, one with her kiddos, so we still made almost $2 which in the eyes of a six year old is a lot of money, especially when it’s all in quarters! We may try again on a Friday or Saturday when the yard sales are out.

Reading: Fool by Christopher Moore – I just finished The Night Circus and needed a light funny book to fill the gap before I start our next book club pick. This should be perfect.

Excited about: the newest season of Doctor Who starting on Saturday. We should have just enough time to finish the 6 episodes from last season on Netflix Instant. Am I a little obsessed? Clearly. And I’m loving every minute.

mirror, mirror on the wall

Wishing: the laundry could fold itself. And you know, put itself away and maybe wash itself in the first place, too!

Pinning (The Delicious Edition): 

raspberry sour cream coffee cake * watermelon raspberry sangria * banana walnut chocolate cookie cake

discovering pastels