Mind dumping: Stuff I’ve Been Doing When I Wasn’t Here.

I was just commenting on a blog post and noticed how unbelievably old my last post was when I opted to use their little comment luv button. EIGHT DAYS?? Dudes, I’m sorry. I suppose I’ve been busy or lazy or something.

Also this whole multiple blogs thing can get complicated sometimes. I haven’t been entirely missing in action you see. I blogged about my obsession with Hanna Anderssen and how I’m cheap, about the clothes at H&M I want to buy my son if he ever grows and I blogged about how I ran out of diapers at Target in the middle of a diaper change and decided to buy Pullups since they don’t carry my favorite brand of diapers there (Nurtured by Nature) and ended up puffy hearts loving the Pull Ups. Also turns out the extreme PINKness of the diapers is a useful tool in bribing my daughter who loves all things pink. You want a pink pull up? Sit on the potty first. BAM! That’s how it’s done. Not that she’s DONE anything on the potty, but she’s sat on it a lot. So that’s something.

When I wasn’t blogging at my other digs, I was taking care of sick toddlers, buying massively large bags of snacks for MM’s classroom and trying to figure out this whole cub scouts thing. My husband’s family was majorly into scouting and it was always assumed that MM would do it also, but man it’s complicated just trying to figure out which pack to join and the meetings are awfully late for a kid with a 7 pm bedtime. I’d be more lenient on that bedtime if he didn’t have to wake up at 6am to get ready for school. So I’m on the fence, mostly because I still don’t even know which pack I want to register him with.

My hubby has been busy fixing a leak that was sogging up the passenger floor area in his new truck. It took a few weekends and a lot of manual labor but he located the source of the leak and even FIXED it. He’s some kind of amazing guys. I think he spent less than $10 and the problem is completely cleared up now. Love him.

I’ll leave you with some cute cell phone snapshots of the kids and promise to blog here more regularly soon. Then I’ll wipe my daughter’s nose, find her shoes and head to my dentist appointment. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNN.

Ready to ride. on 365 Project

Heading to his best bud’s house on his tricycle. Suburban living at it’s finest. ❤

Dancing to the beat of her own drum on 365 Project

Spinning in circles, making music with fun instruments at her YMCA class.

Hard at work. on 365 Project

Lazy weekend morning spent playing with toys in the living room.

Ready for a mall walk. on 365 Project

Rainy morning mall walks – yay!!

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  1. Ok..maybe I don’t feel “too” guilty not commenting since you’ve slacked on posting (I tease!) 😛
    Good luck on your scouting adventures. You will love when it comes time for the wooden car derby…It’s a very good thing you have an awesome engineer husband. I can only imagine what he comes up with for a car. I look forward to hearing all about Scouts.


  2. I’ve been in the same cub scouts boat as you. My trouble has been that his school scouts group isn’t returning emails so getting him started has been a real pain. I finally gave up and emailed another group that’s near our house and they replied right away with lots and lots of information. We went to our first den meeting last night. He’s the only one from a different school, but I think it will work out well. I agree that the meetings are late. We have bedtime at 7 and we didn’t get to bed until 8 because of the meeting. It’s something he’s been wanting to do since Kindergarten and he’s overjoyed at finally starting! Mike is an Eagle Scout and scouting runs in his side of the family so I almost felt obligated to get little man into the program too. He’s very excited for the summer camps, archery, fishing, and over night camping events – all things he wouldn’t do since I don’t camp!


    1. I have emailed two different groups and heard nothing back. I’d love to hear which group you ended up going with, I’m still unsure which to try right now (but honestly still balking at the late meeting times – it’s a fairly big commitment).


    2. We ended up joining the Olson School group – Pack 3801 Optimist Club of West Madison Inc. Their meeting are at the McKenna fire station and Olson school.


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