momma loves: little man styles

While I was preparing splurges vs. steals ideas for the post about my daughter’s wardrobe wish list last week, I got kind of sidetracked by how ridiculously adorable the kids’ clothes are at H&M. For some reason it surprises me every time and then I’m again reminded that the clothes are also pretty affordable and last the kids awhile. Some of my favorite things from each of their wardrobes are from H&M.

Anyway, we didn’t really do “Back to School” clothes shopping for my 6 year old son this year because frankly he’s still nearly the same size he was last year and a lot of his stuff still fits. I figure we’re more likely in for winter wardrobe shopping, maybe even spring. I picked him up a few extra pairs of jeans and a new shirt and pretty much called it a day.

So seeing all the cute back to school ads and blog posts (like Design Mom’s posts on her kids’ back to school wardrobes – gah) has me feeling a little left out and wishing he’d grow eight inches tomorrow (knock on wood though, seriously, momma’s on a budget!). In the meantime, here are some adorable looks from the H&M kids department that I would buy him if he woke up tomorrow two sizes bigger.


Basic Pants (comes in tons of fun colors) for $9.95 each | Slim Jeans $14.95


Hot Like Wasabi Shirt $14.95 | Henley Shirt $12.95 | Button Up $9.95

Sweaters / Sweatshirts

Hoodies (assorted colors) $14.95 | Wool blend Sweater $19.95

Shoes & Accessories

Boots $24.95 | Flat Cap $6.95 | Bow Tie (bow ties are cool!) $4.95

Winter Gear

Star Wars Hat $6.95 | Gloves $4.95 | Cap $12.95

My kids can both pull off a lot of different “styles” – but my son’s clothes are largely casual prep or dressy preppy, whether I pick them out or he does. He’s very into stripes and patterns and likes fun bright pops of color (who doesn’t?). Momma likes to fill his wardrobe in with some timeless pieces which are very similar in style to my own wardrobe truthfully. The whole thing together works very well and I’ve found H&M has a great assortment of clothes that fit that mark perfectly.

Do you do traditional back to school shopping for your kids or (like mine) do you find they need new clothes during a completely different season most years?