Potty training just got a lot less messy – and a lot more pretty, too!

Alternate title: I survived my daughter running around commando in our local Target for five minutes and lived to tell the tale.

Yesterday I took my daughter to Target to pick up some groceries and browse around the clearance racks for a bit. She’s a fairly girly girl and like her momma, she loves to do a bit of shopping at Target – check out the toy aisle, browse the board books, look at the pretty new Fall dresses, maybe get an iced Passion Tea from Starbucks… She’s game for it. First order of business though was a new diaper!

We headed to the family changing room, lingering outside for a bit while waiting for the people before us to finish up. After trying out the water fountain fifteen times and singing a few songs, it was finally our turn – yay! Her diaper was absolutely sopping wet from breakfast – I took it off and tossed in the garbage immediately, then opened the diaper bag to grab a new diaper and…

You know what’s coming next right? The Diaper Gods mocked me big time as I unzipped the little black Eddie Bauer backpack and realized about twenty seconds too late that I’d never restocked the diaper bag and had absolutely zero diapers on me. None. And I had a very naked little girl grinning at me on the changing table.

Luckily I was at a Target. They happen to sell diapers obviously, so really there were worse places for this mistake to happen and she was clean and in a good mood. Probably her bladder was empty right? I braced myself for a potentially long and messy morning, pulled her pants up and marched my Commando Little Princess over to the baby aisle as quickly as I could. Scanning the aisles I quickly remembered that they don’t carry my preferred diaper brand (Nurtured by Nature if your curious – eco friendly, inexpensive, absorbent and don’t give my daughter a rash – what more can you ask for, really?). I really didn’t want to buy a big package of diapers that I wouldn’t like using or might give her a rash, but what was I supposed to do? She needed a diaper and was not riding commando in the car, period. I’m not that brave!

Then I saw the training pants. We’re not quite potty training yet, though I talk a good game about how awesome the potty is, she has yet to make a big interest in the whole thing so far. But I know the time is coming fast and having a package of training pants available would be practical and worth the nearly $10 I was stuck spending either way. I browsed the few brands available and settled on these Huggies Pull Ups largely because Minnie Mouse and the Disney Princesses were on the cover and, as my daughter gleefully shrieked, “They’re pink!!!” Good enough for me – they’re just training pants anyway, bound to be the bane of my existence either way, right?


Actually, I’ve been super impressed with these training pants! I’ve still got vivid memories of potty training my now six year old and everything I was worried about with these training pants was miraculously not an issue. They have a little tab that you can undo in a pinch if they’ve gone #2 on you, but still pull up and down easily and fit my slim daughter well – and more importantly if you do have to unstrap the diaper after a mess, not only is there a restrappable tab, they have an extra tab to fold the diaper closed into a neat little package to throw away – genius! I don’t know how many times I have wished for said feature and I was so excited to see it! I always hated training pants with my son because they never fit into my diaper pail nicely and I’d always end up having to unclog the pail after one got thrown in wrong. This won’t be a problem with the pull ups and I’m stoked! (Also, they didn’t give my daughter a rash, so they passed that test, too).

We might end up doing cloth training pants in the long run, but I was very pleased to see that Pull Ups have been designed with all of the logical features that I’ve always wished for over the years. If we do have to buy disposable, I for one will be buying these now.

Designed with accidents in mind (because yes they DO happen) – and PINK to please my princess – It’s always nice to see a product that really does make mom and kid both happy!

ps: We lucked out at the check out lanes and managed to slide into am aisle right as it was opening – and I got my little girl into that pull up before there were any accidents and she was thrilled that her new diaper was pink and had Minnie Mouse on it. So really, this story had the happiest of endings – no messes and a little girl who’s excited about wearing training pants. Cross your fingers for me mommas!