momma loves: splurges & steals for tiny fashionistas

I love shopping but buying clothes for myself can be a bit soul sucking frankly – after finding something cute for a good price, I still have to find one that fits – and pass the Husband Seal of Approval (he’s pickier than I am, getting easily put off by one too many frills or fancy details – he’s a simple guy, what can I say?). The clothes that end up making the cut can be far and few between. My daughter BB on the other hand is terrifically easy to shop for and being young and energetic (read: three) means that fit is simply never an issue. So then the issue is cute, quality and for a price I can live with.

BB rocking a cute $5 cotton dress from H&M
BB rocking a cute $5 cotton dress from H&M, white sweater & pink headband  from Target

Hanna Andersson is a kids’ clothing company that I truly covet. Every time their catalogs come in the mail, I pore over the new fashions, picturing my gorgeous daughter in their amazing outfits. I’ve gotten her a few of their dresses over the years, but I’ll be honest I tend to come up on the wrong side of the sticker shock so we don’t own a lot of their things as much as I admire their high quality, soft & durable products. I tend to get the majority of her clothing at Target, Walmart, H&M and Old Navy. A lot of times I’ll use the Hanna Andersson catalog as a jumping off point for style ideas and see what I can make happen in other stores – and what I’d rather splurge on at Hanna Andersson.

Wanna play a little game of Splurge vs. Steal? I’ve rounded up a few pieces from Hanna Andersson that I am truly coveting right now ; and some similar pieces at some of my go to stores for a stylish bargain. Which items would your splurge for and which would you go for the steal?

Spinstripe Dress at Hanna Andersson $46 or H&M’s Striped Dress for $24.95?

Not Old Enough For A Boyfriend Jeans at Hanna Andersson for $42 or Cuffed Skinny Jeans at Old Navy for $19.94?

Lacey Ankle Tights at Hanna Andersson for $18 or Pink Leggings at H&M for $6.95?


Flower Appliqué Boot by Beekos at Hanna Andersson for $78 or Floral Boots at H&M for $24.95?


Crochet Flower Cap at Hanna Andersson on sale for $20 or Sweater-Knit Flower Hats at Old Navy for $12.94?

Are you a bargain hunting mama or a quality first and foremost advocate? Which of these items would you splurge for the high end pick, which would you jump for the bargain? Any other clothing brands that you are obsessed with? I’d love to hear all about them in the comments section!

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  1. I determine what stores/brands have the best quality and then bargain shop within those brands/stores! I DO take into account that some brands, Hanna Andersson is one, are certified to use low impact dyes and organic materials in their products which translates into a cleaner planet for my children hence the higher price (and higher value in a worldly outlook, imo).

    I’m a huge advocate of buying used, too. Hanna Andersson on ebay goes for half the price of the new price of Target/Walmart/Old Navy/H&M, even with shipping included. I only splurge on regular price items when it is something that cannot be beat or is in dire need (i.e. down filled winter outerwear is worth it’s weight in gold plus some for less bulk and best heat rating with breathability). I think any of the options you picked would be cute, although the boots and dress are way cuter in the HA version.

    On that note, have you checked out Janie & Jack? It’s a Gymboree company but it’s the boutique line, super cute clothes and their clearance beats the Gymboree store hands down. I have all sorts of organic brands I love to dress the kids in, but considering mine are averaging 2 months in a size before moving on – we are basically having to grab things off the shelf to keep them clothed at this point.

    Oh and shoes are the #1 most important buy for a child, imo. Their foot development affects their posture and organs for the rest of their life…so I always make sure to splurge on HEALTHY (not necessarily cute or expensive) footwear. This means leather (breathable for the skin), flexible soles (you should be able to bend them completely in half with your hand) and 1/2″ minimum at the end of the toe for natural expansion.


    1. Great comments! Shoes are an area that we “splurge” also – with flat footed genes from hubby’s side of the family, those footbeds are very important to us. Thanks for the tip on Janie & Jack, I’ll have to look into them.


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