poem: apologies (to my children, on behalf of the world)

A couple weeks ago I shared with you a poem I wrote, inspired by a writing prompt at Real Women Real Songs. This week their writing prompt was apologetic. After reading through their provided definitions and quotes I once again found myself inspired. What follows is a poem to my children, apologizing for the harsher realities of this world. It’s a work in progress, as ever, but possibly as good as it’s going to get.


I’m sorry my dear
that the world is not
crystal clear for you.
That the path is long and winding
changing, restraining, containing
and never explaining.

I apologize
for this world of smoke and
mirrors, pretense and lies.
For people who say yes
but mean no, for answers
that always hide.

I know it is not easy
to navigate a world with no
clear direction, no one
destination with which to
aspire. I perspire at the
thought of you going it alone.

I’ll hold your hand if you
want me to, for as long as
you want me to…
I will walk this road with you.
But I know that one day
you will walk it alone.

We all walk alone one day.
We all feel this pain, I maintain…
We all wish this world would explain, my love.
We all want to complain to Eyes Above.
We all whisper in vain, my love.
We all make our own way.

Feel free to leave any thoughts in the comments section, but again please be kind or at least respectful. Per usual, this poem was written in a largely stream of consciousness  style – there were a few lines I mulled over, a few syllables added in, lines tidied up a bit, but as they say… What you see is assuredly what you get.