Currently (september 7th 2012)

latte miel

Obsessing over: a new latte flavor I discovered at my local coffee shop this week, called a latte miel which is just a latte with cinnamon and honey. Simple enough but it has quickly become my new favorite.

Feeling: a much needed relief from what has been one of my most challenging allergy seasons. I am finally down to just taking my Flonase and feeling pretty good. The symptoms all left so subtly that I almost didn’t notice how much better I was doing until I went to a follow up appointment with my Ears Nose & Throat specialist and realized… I feel pretty great. We agreed I should try eliminating one of my allergy medications to see if they were both necessary and so far so good.

Working on: keeping up with the world of laundry, dishes and cleaning house. Determined to not let the house fall to shambles this weekend!

pretty blooms spotted at my doctor's office

Thinking about: all sorts of things, ideas for things to do with the Little Miss this fall, Halloween ideas, planning camping trips for next summer (yes, already, don’t judge lol) and the long running debate of where we want our kids to receive an education. We’re planning to try our luck with the open enrollment process for next year.

Reading: Fool by Christopher Moore and nearly finished. When I last blogged about this book I was severely on the fence about finishing it after only a few chapters due to the extremely vulgar first few chapters. While the book continues to occasionally dip into that, the plot of the story picked up quickly and has kept me interested enough to keep reading and the level of vulgarity has been just low key enough that it hasn’t been nearly as off putting as it was at the beginning. Dare I say, I might even be enjoying it. Which I’m glad for, frankly, because I have so loved some of his previous books.

Listening to: the sound of Little Miss playing a very elaborate game. It’s fun to sometimes let her just delve into her imagination and see what comes out.

the little miss

Wishing: the exercise fairy would show up and get me motivated again. I was doing really well but I’ve been having a hard time committing myself to that whole healthy eating & exercising thing. I keep dipping a toe into the water and then walking away when I find the truth too cold to deal with. I know I’ll get there again and I’m just trying to be kind to myself while I linger in the shallow end.

Pinning (The Dinner Edition): 

spaghetti tacos (a la iCarly) * summer spaghetti * baked coconut shrimp with pineapple dipping sauce * creamy artichoke lasagna * slow cooker beef & broccoli

my little first grader