First Day: On Taking First Grade by Storm.

Can you believe he’s a first grader already? It seems like just yesterday we were taking dozens of pictures of his first day of kindergarten, nervous nellies about our little boy riding the school bus for the first time.

first day of kindergarten 2011

Flashback: Remember this cute face? He’s grown a lot in the past year, but that big smile still lights up the room.

Now we’re calmer, more mature parents of a first grader. There were still dozens of pictures taken of his first day of school outfit, of that big eager for another school year smile.

But far less nervousness. He’s kind of an old pro now and we were confident he’d have a great day, that the bus would get him to and from school as flawlessly as it did all last year (knock on wood) and that all would be well.

He was impatient, hoping the bus would come early, not grasping the fact that I got him out of the house a full twenty minutes early so I could take a million pictures with time to spare. And I did.

He didn’t really mind much.

Sweet little sister woke up just in time to walk big brother to the bus stop. She wouldn’t miss it for the world, wanting to be involved in everything he does. Plus, she probably was excited about having me all to herself again.

It’s just you and me now, kiddo. I have to say, as much as MM is a lot of fun to have around, I appreciate the quietness of my days with just The Little Miss. Our daily routine runs quite smoothly in the fall and she’s pretty easy to cart around while running errands – and trips to the playground or mall play area are far more peaceful for mommy when I don’t have to wish I had two sets of eyeballs to follow each child. Little things to make you appreciate the changing seasons.

He boarded that bus with confidence, all smiles, eager for his first day of school! Coming home, he was again all smiles though drilling him about his day I didn’t get much out of him. He likes his teacher, he’s bummed his best friend from last year isn’t in his class, and according to him the only thing he learned was his new teacher’s song about behaving or cleaning or some such thing. They all have a song, I’ve noticed.

I’m not sure what this school year will bring – but I love that I have a kid who loves to learn. I hope his teacher will nurture that and that he’ll be able to soak up all the knowledge the school has to bestow upon him.

Hello Fall 2012, I’m thrilled you’re here!

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