Summer 2012: Moments to Remember

I know the calendar says we still have two more weeks or so of summer, but with Labor Day behind us and MM back in school, I can’t help but feel as though summer has basically ended and the autumn season is lounging lazily ahead. I thought I’d take a moment to recap our summer, which was pretty epic in proportions. While we didn’t finish everything on our summer bucket list, we definitely came close and also did a lot of unplanned fun things, too. Here are some of our favorite summer moments, collage style…

summer camping trips: s’mores & sandcastles at the beach, blowing bubbles, epic games of hopscotch, Mallards games (I went twice! once with a friend and once with the fam), pretty flowers, sprinkler fun, pool time, lighting sparklers & fireworks, slipping and sliding…

watching sunsets, face paint at Storyland with the grandparents (mommy and daddy had a date night in Boston!), one of several birthday cakes for BB’s 3rd birthday, awesome playgrounds, kiddie pools, more sandcastles at Cool Sandy Beach, blueberry picking with my grandma and cousin, wearing a beautiful princess dress to my SIL’s wedding on BB’s birthday!!, beautiful picture of BB taken by my new BIL, the kids with their auntie, the blushing bride, first haircut & a little bit of attitude for good measure!

new gorgeous refrigerator after our old fridge bit the dust, more pretty flower pictures, pouting princess, twirling tiny dancer, circling a maypole (err, tree), reading in cardboard reading nooks, momma walked her first 5k (and lived to tell the tale), trying on Halloween masks at Menards, new desk built by handsome husband, pictures from one of several trips to the zoo (having a free zoo is the best thing ever btw)

speed racer at the playground, his first lemonade stand, more gorgeous flower pictures at Olbrich Gardens and gorgeous BB pictures, too ; a picture of ME and the kids thanks to a fabulous new friend, the pretty princess and some pictures from a family photo shoot for a friend who’s hubby was getting ready to leave for basic training.

A very full, very fantastic summer of memories to remember for years to come…

Top 5 Summer Memories:

  1. Father’s Day weekend camping at Devils Lake State Park
  2. our trip back to MA to see family (for nearly 3 weeks!)
  3. my sister in law’s beautiful, beautiful wedding (on BB’s birthday!)
  4. being able to take family photos for a wonderful friend  – almost entirely candid, their love was inspiration enough!
  5. Walking my first 5k! I was so proud of myself for finishing!

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  1. Rockstars…please don’t show this to my children. Hopefully, they’ll understand having an infant at home limited things.

    It sure looks like a wonderful summer!


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