Vacation Wrap-up: Week One

So three weeks ago we got on an airplane and flew to Detroit and then sat around the Detroit airport for four or five hours and then got on another airplane and flew to Rhode Island where my in laws picked us up and drove us to Massachuetts. It was a loooooong day but we were apparently crazy or still riding the adreneline fumes of Fun & Exciting and because that night we put the kids to bed at my dad’s place and then drove 40 minutes into the “city” and watched my SIL perform with her 70’s cover band at Sakura Tokyo.

annie's band

I’ve never heard her sing anything outside of the church really so it was very cool to see her in “her element” – she is outrageously talented and we had a great time listening to the band as well as catching up with some of Dan’s family that had also come out to hear her perform.


The next day we spent the morning with my dad and my grandparents. We swung on the old swing on the front porch that I have been swinging on all my life. Watching them swing with my grandma and remembering when I was there age sitting on that swing with grandma brought back a lot of great memories. The weather was blissfully perfect and a nice escape from the crazy 106 degree temps we’d left behind in Madison.

tuckered out

Dan and I spent the afternoon with his siblings playing disc golf which is basically frisbee in the woods with a lot of chaotic hiking thrown in while you retrieve your frisbee from the stream or behind the rocks or up the hill or down the hill while attempting to get it to the basket at the end of each little course. It’s sort of like hell but almost fun. His siblings are a pretty athletic, outdoorsy group and so half of the people playing had a blast and did really well and the other half enjoyed commiserating together and attempting to find a strategy to keep us out of the streams and sweating as little as possible. I like to call it don’t throw the frisbee farther than you can predict it’s landing and plan to take awhile.

When we met up with the kids and my dad afterwards for dinner they were pretty tuckered out. BB had fallen asleep in my dad’s arms and it was adorable and a lot of pictures were taken. We took them out to Friendly’s for dinner and ice cream and she ate pretty much a lollipop, french fries and ice cream so by the time dinner was over she was pretty thrilled despite waking up cranky. Also known as, we probably got played in a major way. She’s a crafty one.

That night we went to the drivein with Dan’s siblings again to end our Epic Sibling Day and it was pretty awesome but also pretty buggy. I don’t like bugs but they really seem to like me. We saw the new Spiderman movie which was pretty good but mostly thanks to Emma Stone frankly.

playing outdoors

We also spent a good bit of time playing outside and hanging out with one of my oldest besties who happens to live across the street from my uncle’s house where we were staying. It was awesome being able to step outside and see her and her hubby and kids and hang out in the off hours between running here and there.

kids day

Tuesdays in the Summer are Kids Day with Dan’s family. We all meet up at his aunt’s and the kids swim and eat junk food and the grown ups hang out in the shade and eat junk food and it’s pretty fantastic. Dan’s parents gave BB her first birthday present of the month, two Bitzy Baby dolls from the American Girl collection – a girl and a boy which BB named after herself and her brother. Pretty freaking adorable.


On Wednesday Dan’s parents took the kids to New Hampshire to visit Storyland and Dan and I took a little romantic getaway to Boston where we walked around Chinatown, Quincy Market and such and visited the New England Aquarium. It was a lot of walking and sore feet but also a lot of fun and nice to see and do the things that interested us but would have bored the kids.

panoramic view of the Boston Harbor
panoramic view of the Boston Harbor

The next afternoon we headed back to MA and then up to New Hampshire to meet up with Dan’s family and take the kids back to MA.

cookout at my grandmas

That Saturday was a cookout at my grandmas in the afternoon and one of many birthday parties for BB that night with my best friends from high school and their kids.

a princess cake for my princess

My friend S made this cake for little BB who has announced recently that she is a princess and wants pink for her birthday (just pretend you can’t read the cake, okay?). Didn’t the cake come out pretty? It tasted great, too.

the beach with grandpa

And that was just one week. We stayed for a whole other week and a half which I’ll tell you more about later. For now I’m going to go spend time with my family and enjoy ogling our new refrigerator which is by far possibly the prettiest thing in our home. It’ll be even nicer tomorrow when I buy some groceries for it.

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