Vacation Wrap-Up: Part Three

The last few days of our vacation last month were filled to the brim with everything we could fit in! After several birthday parties, a wedding, a trip to Boston (and New Hampshire and Maine), blueberry picking, kids days at the pool and more, you’d think we would have just settled into a coma for a few days before returning home but we were determined to make the most of every minute!

her first hair cut

On the Sunday after the wedding and BB’s third birthday we went to the salon where one of my besties works to get BB her first official hair cut (besides the bang trims we’ve given her at home) along with myself and my step mom, a little Girls Day Out! I wasn’t sure how well she’d do at the salon, holding still and not getting scared but she did such a great job! I was very proud of my big girl and her new haircut looks adorable!

the final 'do

She looks almost scared in these pictures but I think she was just totally absorbed and concentrating on what was going on around her. She didn’t flinch at all and was thrilled to get her hair cut. We had L cut my hair first so that BB could watch the process and see that it wasn’t scary and then asked her if she’d like to have her hair cut, too, and she agreed quickly that she did.

playing with legos after her haircut

Then she got back to work building a lego tower while we paid and chatted a bit. I was so proud of her!

blowing bubbles

After hair cuts we had lunch at one of my favorite hot dog stands in the area, then went to my aunt’s house to blow bubbles and hang out with relatives. We ended up staying for dinner and my uncle made a really delicious ragu with fresh veggies – yum!


Monday we spent the morning doing laundry, had lunch with my grandparents, went back to pack our belongings and then went to Dan’s parents to have dinner and spend the night before heading to the airport the next morning.

After dinner we took the kids out to ice cream and ate our desserts on picnic tables outside near a little trolly bandstand type thing where the ice cream parlor has summer concerts. Of course I tried to take a picture of the kids, but I think they were getting tired of mom’s photo ops.


The next day was our flight home which involved a lot of sitting and waiting and walking and luggage arranging and flights being moved to different gates and confusion and coffee.

looking for airplanes

It was a full day of travel and by the time we got back to Wisconsin we were truly exhausted. We picked up pizzas at our favorite pizza place and headed home for an easy dinner and an early bed time!

All in all, we had a truly amazing trip and loved getting to spend so much time with our family and friends while we were there. We fit in everything we could and then some. And it was just long enough to make us truly glad to come home to our normal, mostly boring lives (ignoring refrigerator deaths anyway). Definitely a vacation to remember!

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