Top 10 Photos from July

I took a lot of pictures in July, some fabulous captures of amazing memories and some pictures of coffee pots and dunkin donuts cups. Going on a mega vacation certainly helped my supply of amazing memory photos and made it hard for me to narrow down the contenders for Top 10 Photos, but here they are, the pictoral champions of the past month:

Sparks fly. on 365 Project

My 6 year old used a sparkler for the first time last month while we waited for the town fireworks to begin from the comfort of our neighbor’s yard. It was a perfect night – good company, less noisy & less crowded than going to the official fireworks location, and then a short walk home to put the kids to bed (wayyyyyyyy past their bedtime!)

pretty, pretty princess on 365 Project

A friend dropped off a bag of her daughter’s old dress up gowns – lots of frilly, pink & yellow gowns, a few tiaras, etc. Suffice it to say, my daughter is in her glory now.

all tuckered out. on 365 Project

My little girl passed out in her grandpa’s arms (my dad) after a busy day.

another beautiful day. on 365 Project

Enjoying some fun in the sun in the backyard at my uncle’s house in MA where we stayed on our vacation.

Blueberry picking. on 365 Project

Blueberry picking may be my favorite berry picking activity. We sat in plastic chairs on an overcast morning picking berries at just the right height with ease with my husband, kids, grandmother and teenaged cousin. A relaxing morning activity with delicious rewards.

She's three: pretty, pretty princess. on 365 Project

For her third birthday my daughter got to wear a beautiful princess dress to her aunt’s outdoor wedding – probably the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever been to and certainly one of the most touching ceremonies. I took a lot of pictures today but this shot of BB collecting flower petals in the background during the ceremony is my favorite. Happy third birthday baby girl. I hope you always feel like a princess, beautiful dress or no.

extra: my boy. on 365 Project

A bundle of energy with grass stained knees and a smirk glued to his face. He spent the afternoon running from my camera, chasing after cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents at my sister in law’s wedding.

Attitude. on 365 Project

He slays me sometimes. Rolling his eyes at yet another of mom’s photo ops. :O)

wild blooms. on 365 Project

These pretty purple blooms just showed up in our backyard along the house. Not sure what type of flower they will be, but I enjoyed photographing them and love finding little gems like this right in my own backyard.

Time out. on 365 Project

It’s not often she does something to merit an actual time out. I wonder if I was sending the wrong message by taking a picture of her adorable pout. :O)

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  1. BB sure is cute in all of her dressing up! And, sleeping in her grandpa’s arms? So awesome.


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