Kiwi Crate is making me look like Mom of the Year!

I’m one of those people who go through bursts of serious productivity and then long, languid hours of sitting in my bathrobe watching ABC family or playing Facebook games. I have serious aspirations to be That Mom who crafts with her kiddos all the time, cooks healthy and varied homemade meals, is a domestic diva and wears high heels but that vision only comes through sparingly.

making jingle bells with kiwi crate

So finding out about a company like Kiwi Crate was kind of a godsend for me because it eliminates all of the tedious planning and shopping and idea-coming-up-withing and just lets me have fun creating cool things with my kids, minimal effort required on my part.

This month the kids and I made jingle bell bracelets, went penguin bowling and designed our own Aurora Australis inspired postcards using pastel crayons and watercolors – and I didn’t even have to bleach my couch this time (ask me about our last adventure with pastel crayons, go on, I dare you!) or anything!

Kiwi Crate is making it possible for me to be the fun mom who lets her kids paint right before dinner without having a panic attack and you almost don’t even notice the fact that my daughter prances around in tutu style leotards like all the time and sometimes over several layers of other clothing.

Our crate subscription plan is just $19.99 a month and includes everything we need to do two fun projects related to a monthly theme like Farmer’s Market, Antarctic Adventure or Family Game Night. For an extra $8 you can get on a sibling add-on which just means they’ll provide a few more of the materials involved so there’s no fighting over stuff but honestly their standalone crate has been plenty for my kids, ages 3 and 6.

This probably won’t be the last time that I sing the praises of the geniuses behind Kiwi Crate (it certainly isn’t the first time either) – ever since we signed up last fall I have been blown away by the high quality products and care that goes into each crate – and the fact that I’ve been able to introduce my kids to so many cool concepts, projects and ideas is just icing on the super cute cake.

our Aurora Australis post cards, painted last night before dinner. Can you tell which one is mine?