Tuesday10: I wish I was a…

This week’s Tuesday10 theme is Professions I Wish I Had. Being a SAHM this is something I actually think about often. If I wasn’t doing this wonderful, amazing, mothering thing, what would I be doing with my life? Surely I’d have some traditional type job in which I am compensated for my time and energy with something other than sticky kisses and manic hugs.

  1. When I was a tween I saw Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter is Dead and I desperately wanted to be a fashion designer and marry Josh Charles. I loved the idea of having a job that was fun and creative and totally ignored the fact that I cannot draw or sew and I’m not really super fashionable.
  2. In high school Under 21 clubs were all the rage and I believe for a couple of weeks I decided I was going to open a night club, probably prompted by that Full House episode when Uncle Jessie opens a family friendly night club and Stephanie has a hard time dating. I’m so glad I never did this because the idea of being in the same room with a bunch of teenagers high on energy drinks and newly discovered hormones listening to awful music sounds, well, awful. Just because I did all those things myself at their age, does not mean that I want to do them again.
  3. In college I worked at an independent bookstore where I met my husband. The store was run by a husband and wife duo that I idolized. I decided that what I desperately wanted more than anything was to open my own bookstore someday. Possibly a coffee shop / bookstore (before that became trendy) or maybe a coffee shop with a lending library. These ideas still sound sort of fun to me except the owning and being entirely responsible for part  – but I often think about getting a job at a used book store someday and if coffee is involved I’ll be one happy camper.
  4. I also worked for the school paper in college and for a couple of years it seemed very likely that I would become a journalist of some kind, either working for a daily paper or perhaps a cool magazine. I seemed to burn out on the whole journalism thing before I even graduated though and the idea of starting from the ground up at a paper now sounds awful – I was the managing editor when I graduated, so going to get a job writing obituaries or reporting town meetings just does not really hold much appeal anymore – not to mention the constant deadlines in the world of journalism – doesn’t really mesh very well with my parenting style.
  5. My grandmother thinks I should be a teacher and while I do sometimes think it would be fun to teach creative writing or perhaps become an elementary school teacher or a crazy college professor and wear tweed jackets… I am not the most patient person out there and I’m not sure if I have the personality traits that make a great teacher. That said, I am a giant nerd and making a curriculum and designing bulletin boards and decorating the classroom… that all sounds weirdly fun to me.
  6. I love to read. Like a lot. And I often think that I would love to be paid to read – to perhaps become an editor at a publishing company or that person who reads the book and decides if it should be published. If this opportunity ever arose, I think I’d snatch it up in an instant. Hopefully I’d enjoy it and not come to loathe reading because I have to do it.
  7. I also often like to call myself a writer and talk about how I’m writing a novel or I write poetry or maybe someday I’ll turn my blog into a memoir or something. People would totally pay to read this in book form, right???
  8. My husband thinks that I should try writing children’s books because apparently my improv bedtime story telling skills are some kind of amazing, or he’s really sweet and supportive. I have thought about doing this but have found that writing children’s books is actually really hard and you’d think it wouldn’t be – but then I look at the amazing children’s books out there and then the plethora of okay children’s books and I worry about which side of the line I’d find myself on…
  9. Sometimes I take pictures of flowers or babies and think I should become a professional photographer. Then I try to remember what aperture is again and how to adjust white balance and where should I stand when the sun is bright again? And oh my god, I’d have to deal with taxes and figuring out what to charge people and buy fancy equipment and ohmygodIjustwanttotakeapictureofflowersleavemealone!!!!
  10. So where does that leave me today? If I weren’t a SAHM and I could have any job I wanted, what would I do? I honestly have no idea. A lot of those ideas up there ^ sound pretty sweet but it would honestly depend on the time commitment, salary, location, etc. because even if I’m not staying at home with the kids, being a mother will always be the most important job for me.

What about you? What jobs did you dream about having when you were a kid? A young adult? Today?


6 thoughts on “Tuesday10: I wish I was a…

  1. Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead was a great movie! She totally made being a fashion designer look doable.
    And yes, now that we’re adults, the idea of a all age “nightclub” does sound more like a nightmare. (Is that the one where Michelle dresses all in leather?)


    1. I don’t think that’s the Full House episode I’m thinking of, but they must have done more than one episode revolving around the night club. The episode that comes to mind involves Gia telling the school that Stephanie paid a boy to go on a date with her because SHE wanted to go on a date with them and then Stephanie told the whole school that Gia was dumb but then felt bad.


  2. I can totally see the book store/coffee shop thing. You’d just have to try not to consume all the profits (books/coffee) LOL! You could combine that with your future success as a novelist. 🙂


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