Mother Math: Mommy & Me Monday: January 21, 2013

1+1= Most of my days look like this lately. Blurry, grainy snapshots that show a lack of sleep as I struggle to keep up with this little lady. She is all attitude, a hundred miles a minute, totally working her own agenda, always. My schedule is perfectly tailored to her needs, with the added requirement that we get home in time to get Big Brother off the school bus.

1+1+1= Then every now and then I find myself having to throw that routine into the air and adjust. MM has no school today because of MLK day. This is fun because it means no worrying about school buses and homework, but it also means bundling up to little ones to brave the cold as we go about our day. It means turning my cell phone in the other direction so I can capture all three of us in a picture without breaking my arm trying to get it further away to fit us all.

I think it’s interesting how different the flow of my day is when both kids are home, compared to just the one – the things which are easier, like scheduling – but also the things which are harder like getting out the door, running errands – two personalities to care for means more moments for temper tantrums – more times to say “no” or “don’t do that” – more coats to take on and off, more opinions on what television show to watch or what snack we should have. Not really good or bad differences so much as just different.

PS: Loving the two missing teeth gapped smiles. He lost two teeth this month and mentioned the other day that there might be another one loose – that poor Tooth Fairy (or TF as we call her) is going to go broke!

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2 thoughts on “Mother Math: Mommy & Me Monday: January 21, 2013

  1. So love that you got both of them to sit still for a picture….and I really enjoy seeing the mommas of boys first then girls describe their girls. It’s totally spot on, but it seem like a million times more because they are so much “girl!”


  2. Love the gap smile! Know what you mean about the duality of “no school” days, mine are in high school and it is still very similar to when they were little! Hang in there!


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