The Obligatory Easter Photos: Mommy and Me Monday

selfie family
Me and the kids after church, snuggling in for some selfies.

Of course I wouldn’t be a true “Mommy Blogger” if I didn’t share half a dozen Easter photos of my kids today. Be grateful that I narrowed this down as much as I did because I took almost 100 pictures this year. I know your time is precious though so, you’re welcome.

I’m linking up with Krystyn today because I actually managed to snap myself into some photos this time and that seems to happen rarely enough that it merits some level of applause and at least deserves to be shared at Mommy & Me Monday.

Here are some more memories photographed from our Easter Sunday…

the hunt
The Easter Egg Hunt!
the golden egg
She found the Golden Egg!! This special egg was absolutely filled to the overflowing brim with Easter Candy so it’s kind of a big deal.
PALS dye this year
Our decorated Easter Eggs. Sans Candy. After several years of natural dyes I gave myself a break this year and treated myself to some PALS dye. It was marvelously low stress.
Easter Best
His Easter Finest, courtesy of Grammy. Can my boy pull off spearmint green like a boss or what?
the goofy shot
“Now just goof around for a bit” I told him. An Easter Outtake for the win.
Her Easter Finest
That mischievous grin… it slays me. She’s probably plotting world domination here.
thanks grammy!
Thanks to grammy for An Easter Dress Fit For a Ballerina Princess. The neon socks just completely make the look, don’t you think?
Clearly they are done with this.
“Act like you like each other.” This was seriously the best I could get out of these two. This photo should be in black and white with one of them holding a pitchfork. Seriously.

Mommy & Me Monday on Vacation: August 12th


We got back from a fantastic 10 day vacation in Massachusetts this weekend. Did you notice I was gone? Probably not thanks to my handy scheduled posts last week. We have been living the good life in New England, visiting family and eating a ton of fantastic food that probably wasn’t very good for us. We crammed an awful lot into our vacation, running all over New England to visit everyone and see everything and I have a lot of pictures to share but just for today – two pictures of yours truly and my kiddos – just in time for Mommy & Me Monday!

Remember that 30 day self portrait challenge? I was doing so good and then vacation came and I totally fell off the bandwagon, distracted by an adorable nephew, cute cousins and of course my adorable kids. But I did get two cute pictures – one with each kid, so I think that’s pretty good!


I’ll share more less blurry photos soon, I promise! Just as soon as I get caught up on my email, RSS feed, laundry, dishes, grocery shopping and cleaning… so you know, some time next month maybe? :OP

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Mommy & Me Monday: Mustard, Weeping Angels and a Weekend Wrap-up

mustard museum

There is a museum in our neighborhood that is dedicated to mustard. Yes, mustard. The National Mustard Museum is free and open to the public daily – you can learn all about the history of mustard, see an amazing assortment of mustard, play mustard trivia games, sample different mustard (and salsas, etc.) in their mustard store and buy mustard, mustard books and mustard memorabilia. There is even a mustard tasting bar. These people clearly love mustard.

It’s a small museum and provides just enough fun to make it worth the drive but a short enough experience that you can fit it into a busy schedule easily. We have been meaning to check out the infamous Mustard Museum since we first moved here back in 2009 and we finally made it happen this weekend. We took the kids’ pictures next to a giant mustard bottle, and did all the requisite mustard activities. And just outside the museum… we saw weeping angels.

Don't blink!

Sort of. Minus the weeping. But they were still rather unsettlingly similar to the weeping angels of Doctor Who. So of course I took a picture – clearly, I like to live dangerously:

And then we took pictures of me and the kids in front of the fountain (see top of post collage) so I could share them for Mommy & Me Monday @ Really, Are You Serious. Then we threw coins in the fountain to appease the angels (yes, I know, we are nerds). Then we had dinner.

Other cute happenings from the weekend:

watching the lorax

Watching The Lorax with her bestie after we all had homemade French Bread Pizzas and amazing chocolate chip cookies from Costco (seriously, you need to run there and get some now). These girls are so cute together, it kind of delights the mommies to watch them interact together.

passed out

The lengths she’ll go to to avoid sleeping in her own room. Passed out in the hallway at the top of the stairs.

Not photographed weekend fun:

I read 3 books in less than a week. The Selection books are my new drug. The last book doesn’t come out until like spring 2014 which means I now have book-junkie itch. I’m trying to ignore it and read The Great Gatsby – the first few paragraphs were almost annoyingly descriptive but it got a bit better. I finished the first chapter and have not completely given up on it, so there you go.

Dan and I did a trial packing run to make sure we had enough luggage for our upcoming trip / decide which bags to bring, etc. I was convinced we didn’t have enough luggage – he proved that we didn’t need all the luggage we have. He wins. We are getting supremely excited about this trip – wee!!!

We made very tipsy bread pudding, mostly following Ree’s recipe but adding extra alcohol and we forgot to add pecans. Irish Cream and vanilla extract are sort of the same thing, right?

We watched this rom/com called The Decoy Bride starring David Tennant AKA The Doctor and Kelly Macdonald AKA Merida from Brave, bt-dubs. I really loved it, and even better, so did Dan. It takes place on the remote Scottish island of Hegg and the cast is just brilliant. It’s funny and it made me cry and oh gosh, you must see it!

What did you do this weekend?

Any book or movie recommendations?

Feel free to share in the comments section!

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Mommy & Me Monday: Me and the Birthday Girl


Thanks to the 30 day selfie challenge that I’m doing, I’m finding myself in a lot more pictures lately. Sunday was my little girl’s 4th birthday so I thought I’d take some pictures with her for the challenge. She makes every picture cuter anyway.


Of course how can I take pictures of me and the girl and NOT share them on Mommy & Me Monday – that would be a major missed opportunity. Krystyn @ Really Are You Serious is always advocating getting momma in the pictures with the kiddos (why is this sometimes such a difficult thing to accomplish?) and although I totally 100% agree with her, I’m kind of terrible on follow through most days.

Maybe forcing myself to be in pictures for a month will remedy that and I’ll make more of an effort going forward!


What about you? Are you a behind the camera or in front of the camera kinda girl?

Or neither? Or both?

Mommy & Me Monday: Carousel at the Bratfest


Yesterday we went to the Bratfest, a Madison tradition which celebrates all things bratwurst and really, an excuse for a carnival and delicious food. Apart from all the yummy brats and fair food, the kids most enjoyed riding on the carousel. I went on to make sure that little BB didn’t fall off her horse but I was so impressed by how well both kids did. She was absolutely enthralled with the whole thing and I was glad to be able to get a couple quick up close snapshots.


A small part of me was worried that MM might be too young to ride alone but he did great and totally didn’t need me there, though he was thrilled to share the experience with me.


Daddy took lots of pictures from the sidelines, using this cool burst photo feature which meant that I edited like 100 pictures from the day. These were his two best shots from the carousel.


Hope you are all having a great Memorial Day!

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Mommy and Me Monday: March 4, 2013

Now that I’m a Dog Mom, I thought that it was only fitting that I do a Mommy & Me post with Doc this week. You’ve seen about a bajillion pictures of me with the kids at this point (okay, a good dozen or so lol) but this will be Doc’s first time being featured here.

Luckily my friend K was nice enough to take my picture with Doc last week when she came over to have coffee and meet our newest addition. Doc isn’t the greatest at posing for pictures because he really couldn’t care less about superficial things like that when there is snow to eat or dirt to be dug up, but we made it work and everyone thought he was basically the cutest thing ever.

BB would like to make it clear, however, that she is in fact still the cutest member of our household and has no intention of ever giving up that title.

Doc says BB can make all the threats she wants, he knows the Cutest Member of the Family award is basically a shoe in. And he should know, he loves to eat shoes.

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Mommy & Me Monday : February 18, 2013

Last week BB was being particularly adorable and rocking a really cute outfit so I steered her into the living room and took some pics with the real camera because it’s been too long. I got some amazing pictures of her with lighting that had me absolutely swooning.

Then she ran behind me and propped one arm over my shoulder and said, “Now take a picture of me and you, mommy!” How could I refuse?

Luckily I was wearing a new shirt that I’m loving. Unluckily I had my hair pulled into a sloppy pony tail so I kind of look like a boy and my face was doing strange angles and I couldn’t decide which side was my best side because they both looked kind of lumpy. Oh well.

These were the two best pictures that look all intentional and like I had her posing in some specific way but honestly this was all her doing. All I did was move my head around a lot and hope she didn’t walk away and lose interest. And you know lumpy face and bad hair day aside, I kind of love these pictures. I love how real they are – just us in our normal clothes doing normal lazy stuff (yes the tiara is very much a normal occurrence these days).

I love the love that you can feel in these pictures and the happiness. I love how big she is getting and how independent and confident she is. She has her own agendas and wants and needs and is awesome at expressing them (sometimes too awesome). My little girl is growing up to be an amazing, self sufficient beautiful girl – a self rescuing princess for sure!

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Lunch Date Love : Mommy & Me Monday : Feb 11, 2013

Alternate Title: Lengths Jen Will Go To Avoid Left Turns

Two pretty girls waiting to have lunch with our favorite handsome engineer aka daddy aka hubby.

Funny story, we were visiting MM at his class and afterwards the traffic was so ridiculous that I lost patience waiting to make a left turn to go home… so I made a right turn and drove to Dan’s work instead and invited him to lunch with us. All to avoid a left turn. Yup, that happened.

Luckily I know his afternoon schedule pretty well and the gamble paid off. A delicious lunch was eaten and a pleasant afternoon was enjoyed by all. Tuesday afternoons might have to become our standing lunch date… and not just to avoid that left turn, I swear!

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Mother Math: Mommy & Me Monday: January 21, 2013

1+1= Most of my days look like this lately. Blurry, grainy snapshots that show a lack of sleep as I struggle to keep up with this little lady. She is all attitude, a hundred miles a minute, totally working her own agenda, always. My schedule is perfectly tailored to her needs, with the added requirement that we get home in time to get Big Brother off the school bus.

1+1+1= Then every now and then I find myself having to throw that routine into the air and adjust. MM has no school today because of MLK day. This is fun because it means no worrying about school buses and homework, but it also means bundling up to little ones to brave the cold as we go about our day. It means turning my cell phone in the other direction so I can capture all three of us in a picture without breaking my arm trying to get it further away to fit us all.

I think it’s interesting how different the flow of my day is when both kids are home, compared to just the one – the things which are easier, like scheduling – but also the things which are harder like getting out the door, running errands – two personalities to care for means more moments for temper tantrums – more times to say “no” or “don’t do that” – more coats to take on and off, more opinions on what television show to watch or what snack we should have. Not really good or bad differences so much as just different.

PS: Loving the two missing teeth gapped smiles. He lost two teeth this month and mentioned the other day that there might be another one loose – that poor Tooth Fairy (or TF as we call her) is going to go broke!

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