The Obligatory Easter Photos: Mommy and Me Monday

Of course I wouldn’t be a true “Mommy Blogger” if I didn’t share half a dozen Easter photos of my kids today. Be grateful that I narrowed this down as much as I did because I took almost 100 pictures this year. I know your time is precious though so, you’re welcome. I’m linking upContinue reading “The Obligatory Easter Photos: Mommy and Me Monday”

Mommy & Me Monday on Vacation: August 12th

We got back from a fantastic 10 day vacation in Massachusetts this weekend. Did you notice I was gone? Probably not thanks to my handy scheduled posts last week. We have been living the good life in New England, visiting family and eating a ton of fantastic food that probably wasn’t very good for us.Continue reading “Mommy & Me Monday on Vacation: August 12th”

Mommy & Me Monday: Mustard, Weeping Angels and a Weekend Wrap-up

There is a museum in our neighborhood that is dedicated to mustard. Yes, mustard. The National Mustard Museum is free and open to the public daily – you can learn all about the history of mustard, see an amazing assortment of mustard, play mustard trivia games, sample different mustard (and salsas, etc.) in their mustardContinue reading “Mommy & Me Monday: Mustard, Weeping Angels and a Weekend Wrap-up”

Mommy & Me Monday: Me and the Birthday Girl

Thanks to the 30 day selfie challenge that I’m doing, I’m finding myself in a lot more pictures lately. Sunday was my little girl’s 4th birthday so I thought I’d take some pictures with her for the challenge. She makes every picture cuter anyway. Of course how can I take pictures of me and theContinue reading “Mommy & Me Monday: Me and the Birthday Girl”

Mommy & Me Monday: Carousel at the Bratfest

Yesterday we went to the Bratfest, a Madison tradition which celebrates all things bratwurst and really, an excuse for a carnival and delicious food. Apart from all the yummy brats and fair food, the kids most enjoyed riding on the carousel. I went on to make sure that little BB didn’t fall off her horseContinue reading “Mommy & Me Monday: Carousel at the Bratfest”

Mommy and Me Monday: March 4, 2013

Now that I’m a Dog Mom, I thought that it was only fitting that I do a Mommy & Me post with Doc this week. You’ve seen about a bajillion pictures of me with the kids at this point (okay, a good dozen or so lol) but this will be Doc’s first time being featuredContinue reading “Mommy and Me Monday: March 4, 2013”

Mommy & Me Monday : February 18, 2013

Last week BB was being particularly adorable and rocking a really cute outfit so I steered her into the living room and took some pics with the real camera because it’s been too long. I got some amazing pictures of her with lighting that had me absolutely swooning. Then she ran behind me and proppedContinue reading “Mommy & Me Monday : February 18, 2013”

Lunch Date Love : Mommy & Me Monday : Feb 11, 2013

Alternate Title: Lengths Jen Will Go To Avoid Left Turns Two pretty girls waiting to have lunch with our favorite handsome engineer aka daddy aka hubby. Funny story, we were visiting MM at his class and afterwards the traffic was so ridiculous that I lost patience waiting to make a left turn to go home…Continue reading “Lunch Date Love : Mommy & Me Monday : Feb 11, 2013”

Mother Math: Mommy & Me Monday: January 21, 2013

1+1= Most of my days look like this lately. Blurry, grainy snapshots that show a lack of sleep as I struggle to keep up with this little lady. She is all attitude, a hundred miles a minute, totally working her own agenda, always. My schedule is perfectly tailored to her needs, with the added requirementContinue reading “Mother Math: Mommy & Me Monday: January 21, 2013”