Mommy & Me Monday: Me and the Birthday Girl


Thanks to the 30 day selfie challenge that I’m doing, I’m finding myself in a lot more pictures lately. Sunday was my little girl’s 4th birthday so I thought I’d take some pictures with her for the challenge. She makes every picture cuter anyway.


Of course how can I take pictures of me and the girl and NOT share them on Mommy & Me Monday – that would be a major missed opportunity. Krystyn @ Really Are You Serious is always advocating getting momma in the pictures with the kiddos (why is this sometimes such a difficult thing to accomplish?) and although I totally 100% agree with her, I’m kind of terrible on follow through most days.

Maybe forcing myself to be in pictures for a month will remedy that and I’ll make more of an effort going forward!


What about you? Are you a behind the camera or in front of the camera kinda girl?

Or neither? Or both?

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