Mommy and Me Monday: March 4, 2013

Now that I’m a Dog Mom, I thought that it was only fitting that I do a Mommy & Me post with Doc this week. You’ve seen about a bajillion pictures of me with the kids at this point (okay, a good dozen or so lol) but this will be Doc’s first time being featured here.

Luckily my friend K was nice enough to take my picture with Doc last week when she came over to have coffee and meet our newest addition. Doc isn’t the greatest at posing for pictures because he really couldn’t care less about superficial things like that when there is snow to eat or dirt to be dug up, but we made it work and everyone thought he was basically the cutest thing ever.

BB would like to make it clear, however, that she is in fact still the cutest member of our household and has no intention of ever giving up that title.

Doc says BB can make all the threats she wants, he knows the Cutest Member of the Family award is basically a shoe in. And he should know, he loves to eat shoes.

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  1. And your post is SO cute too! We talk about my Dad’s cat Silas trying to “out cute” himself. Perhaps puppy and daughter can have “cute offs” to see who really reigns supreme! 🙂


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