Thinking Spring Thoughts.

This time last year the weather was unseasonably warm and I guarantee you that nobody complained about the sudden lack of snow and ability to wear sleeveless shirts in March.

We broke out kiddie pools and milked those beautiful warm March days for all they were worth, knowing the rarity of this beautiful weather so early in the year.

I rejoiced over every bud popping up on the neighborhood trees, every bird singing happily above me.

BB donned her sunglasses basically everywhere, giving as much sass to the whole thing as possible.

And by the end of the month, there were beautiful, beautiful flowers everywhere. Momma was a happy photography nerd camper. It was an amazing spring.

Flash forward to today.

Outside my window, this morning, yet another snow storm with 5-8 inches of snow predicted to fall today. We haven’t had like a major oh my god snowstorm this year, but rather lots of storms that are just bad enough to be a royal pain in my butt but not bad enough to cancel school. And no matter how bad it gets, I’ll still have to stand outside with the dog 8-10 times today while he does his business.

The thing is, I know this is normal March weather. I know that last year was a fluke. But with a new puppy in the house who wants to go out all the time, not to mention the kids who would also like to go outside, I don’t think I have ever been wishing for Spring weather quite this hard before. Momma needs some Spring blooms, some green grass and some blue skies. And a temperature above 40 would be swell.

One thing hasn’t changed since last year. BB is still giving as much sass to this “Spring” as she did last year. Indoors or out, BB is All Sass, All the Time.


  1. At first I was like, WOW it’s not snowing there? And, then I realized that it was last year. Whew. Although, I’m pretty sure you’d like it to be like the first pictures.


  2. WOW! What a huge difference from last year to this! It’s like that here in Houston…Sunday I had on 3 shirts and a jacket, yesterday I was in shorts and comfortable, today it’s back to long sleeves and a chill in the air.


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