New Puppy Essentials

We adopted a new puppy a week and a half ago and it’s been a whirlwind of new purchases, stain removing, crate training and puppy kisses. In less than two weeks we have found ourselves making a LOT of purchases for our new pup and I thought I’d help you all with some of the guess work and share some of our favorite purchases.

Food & Treats

Purina Pro Plan Dry Dog Food – Ours is for large breed puppies. This dog food was recommended by our puppy’s foster mom. It comes in a lot of varieties, depending on your dog’s age, breed and health concerns and is made of the good stuff that your dog needs to be healthy.

Training Reward Treats – In addition to basic Milkbone biscuits which we give the dog just for being adorable or for when we’re crating him, we also have training treats which we use strictly for things like house training him or working with him on other simple commands like sit, stay, lay down, come, etc. These treats are small in size and come in a package of 550 treats so the bag will last you awhile.

Puppy Teething Rings – Since your puppy wants to chew on everything, especially when teething, we picked up these teething rings that are supposed to be great for his teeth. Give him one a day to help soothe his gums and as an added bonus, it’ll keep him busy for at least ten minutes. We like to give him one at night while we settle down to watch tv together.


Each puppy is different so you’ll want to base the toys you get yours off of his doggy interests. Our pup is in major chewing world right now but he also loves to play fetch and tug of war.

JW Pets Hol-ee Roller® Tassler Rope Dog Toy – This rope toy has been a big hit that serves multiple purposes. It’s a great chew toy and tug of war toy that also works for playing fetch in a pinch. Don’t leave your pup unattended with this one though as some dogs will rip it apart quickly and the strands can be harmful so keep an eye on him or her with it.

Nylabones – These bones are also awesome for chewing dogs. We got our dog the flexichew bone for teething dogs and it’s gotten a lot of mileage already. They have a LOT of varieties to choose from.

A double handled nylon leash or traffic leash – These leashes are awesome for walking your dog, one of his favorite forms of play and exercise. Grab the second handle to keep your dog closer to you when crossing a street or if you just need him closer to be safe.

Another easy toy is a basic tennis ball. Our dog loves to play fetch with these and will chase it all over the house for hours which is a great way to let him burn off steam when the weather is bad.


Galvanized Metal Trash Can – We found one at home depot that is just the right size for disposing of your dog’s waste. You really don’t want a bin that’s too big and you also want one with a good sturdy lid if you are keeping it outdoors. This one was perfect. It would also work for storing dog food.

Shout Pets® Enzymatic Stain & Odor Remover – I use this a lot, unfortunately! Even the best puppies will have accidents and this cleaner does the job quickly to get rid of stains and odors. You want a cleaner that has enzymes in it to breaks down pet-waste odor.


The Essential Puppy by Betsy Sikora Siino – I just finished reading this book last night. If you are filled with questions but short on time, this is a great puppy primer kinda book. This small book has a lot of information delivered in a concise and accessible way, which I appreciated being busy with a new puppy and two young children. It helped ease all those new dog questions in an easy to read manner. Great for new puppy parents, you can read it once when you are first getting your dog and flip through it again later when you have questions and need a quick reminder. Everything from basic care of your pup to life saving tips – this one is a keeper.

Dog lovers, I’d love to hear your tips and recommendations on all things puppy. Let me know about your favorite puppy products in the comments section below!