5 Things on Friday.

I’m seeing a lot of 5 things posts lately on Fridays, most with an emphasis on thinking positive and reflecting on the week behind us. I thought I’d play along today with a random picture of our dog that for some reason makes me very happy. Is it the colors? The composition? The shadow? The lack of snow on my driveway? All of the above?

  1. I have to say that over all we had a very good week with very few accident to clean out of my rug. Our puppy is very much a puppy with a lot of teething and occasional misbehavior, but I think I might be slowly getting the hang of being a dog mom. Mostly.
  2. Today is probably the warmest day we’ve had in weeks, which is not to say it is particularly warm. But by comparison to the weather we’ve been having, it felt downright balmy. Like walk outside without putting on a jacket warm. The sun has been shining, the snow is starting to think about melting a bit and I’m ignoring the fact that we might get more snow this weekend.
  3. A few weeks ago we ordered stamps and one of the sheets didn’t ship for some reason. I emailed their customer service and then played the waiting game for so long that I was worried they had forgotten about me, but this afternoon the stamps finally came in the mail. Yay for getting what I paid for!
  4. I made myself a vanilla chai tea latte today with our new coffee maker and it was kind of awesome. I brewed the chai on the espresso setting and added some of the delicious vanilla powder mix that CBTL makes and basically it was amazing.
  5. It’s Friday and that typically means movie night around these parts. We’re taking it easy tonight with frozen pizza and likely some old classic Dr. Who episodes. Tomorrow night Dan and I are planning to rent Skyfall which I’ve heard very good things about. We have been doing a great job of renting movies and watching as a family and I am getting closer to being able to say that we’ve seen most of the big fun movies on DVD that we’ve been wanting to see. Almost makes up for the fact that we probably see two movies in the theater a year and at least one is always a children’s movie.

What things are making you happy today?