Mommy & Me Monday : February 18, 2013

Last week BB was being particularly adorable and rocking a really cute outfit so I steered her into the living room and took some pics with the real camera because it’s been too long. I got some amazing pictures of her with lighting that had me absolutely swooning.

Then she ran behind me and propped one arm over my shoulder and said, “Now take a picture of me and you, mommy!” How could I refuse?

Luckily I was wearing a new shirt that I’m loving. Unluckily I had my hair pulled into a sloppy pony tail so I kind of look like a boy and my face was doing strange angles and I couldn’t decide which side was my best side because they both looked kind of lumpy. Oh well.

These were the two best pictures that look all intentional and like I had her posing in some specific way but honestly this was all her doing. All I did was move my head around a lot and hope she didn’t walk away and lose interest. And you know lumpy face and bad hair day aside, I kind of love these pictures. I love how real they are – just us in our normal clothes doing normal lazy stuff (yes the tiara is very much a normal occurrence these days).

I love the love that you can feel in these pictures and the happiness. I love how big she is getting and how independent and confident she is. She has her own agendas and wants and needs and is awesome at expressing them (sometimes too awesome). My little girl is growing up to be an amazing, self sufficient beautiful girl – a self rescuing princess for sure!

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Lunch Date Love : Mommy & Me Monday : Feb 11, 2013

Alternate Title: Lengths Jen Will Go To Avoid Left Turns

Two pretty girls waiting to have lunch with our favorite handsome engineer aka daddy aka hubby.

Funny story, we were visiting MM at his class and afterwards the traffic was so ridiculous that I lost patience waiting to make a left turn to go home… so I made a right turn and drove to Dan’s work instead and invited him to lunch with us. All to avoid a left turn. Yup, that happened.

Luckily I know his afternoon schedule pretty well and the gamble paid off. A delicious lunch was eaten and a pleasant afternoon was enjoyed by all. Tuesday afternoons might have to become our standing lunch date… and not just to avoid that left turn, I swear!

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Mother Math: Mommy & Me Monday: January 21, 2013

1+1= Most of my days look like this lately. Blurry, grainy snapshots that show a lack of sleep as I struggle to keep up with this little lady. She is all attitude, a hundred miles a minute, totally working her own agenda, always. My schedule is perfectly tailored to her needs, with the added requirement that we get home in time to get Big Brother off the school bus.

1+1+1= Then every now and then I find myself having to throw that routine into the air and adjust. MM has no school today because of MLK day. This is fun because it means no worrying about school buses and homework, but it also means bundling up to little ones to brave the cold as we go about our day. It means turning my cell phone in the other direction so I can capture all three of us in a picture without breaking my arm trying to get it further away to fit us all.

I think it’s interesting how different the flow of my day is when both kids are home, compared to just the one – the things which are easier, like scheduling – but also the things which are harder like getting out the door, running errands – two personalities to care for means more moments for temper tantrums – more times to say “no” or “don’t do that” – more coats to take on and off, more opinions on what television show to watch or what snack we should have. Not really good or bad differences so much as just different.

PS: Loving the two missing teeth gapped smiles. He lost two teeth this month and mentioned the other day that there might be another one loose – that poor Tooth Fairy (or TF as we call her) is going to go broke!

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a day late and a dollar short: mommy & me monday: january 14th

Sometimes life gets busy – too busy to blog. I feel like most of yesterday was spent in a car, trying to find a parking spot.

I also drank copious amounts of coffee, ate a couple of cookies, wrangled with seat belts, bought my daughter more dresses than I currently own myself, bought myself one pair of socks, watched the Golden Globes (so sue me, mommy’s need a break with their DVR sometimes), made spaghetti, did laundry, watched Sofia the First with the kids and cheered on their lesson in gender equality, read bed time stories, brushed the  teeth of a three year old (I brushed my teeth, too, later), ate some yogurt, read a couple chapters of my book club book and eventually went to bed.

The computer and I barely looked at each other all day, which some might call a victory.

But it meant that I didn’t get around to posting these pictures I took of me and the Princess after gymnastics class. I’ve been a lazy photographer this week but I wanted to make sure to sneak in a couple of pictures of me with at least one of the kids so I could participate in Mommy & Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious? again this week.

Well I took the pictures but I’m a day late sharing them. Better late than never, right? I’ll try to do better next week!

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Mommy and Me Monday – January 7th

Most of the time, when I’m out with Dan and the kids, I am the official family photographer. I record the events, big and small, because their documentation is important to me and because I consider photography a hobby. And because I like controlling things…

But I think most of you mommies will agree that this often means that we are missing in the pictures. I can take a thousand pictures in a month and if I find myself in just one of them, I consider it a good month.

It’s nice to sometimes hand over the camera, let go of the obligation to take all the pictures, and see what photos of you might pop up. Like the two pictures above of BB and I before the family photo was taken this year. We let Uncle P. photograph our beautiful selves as he worked out positioning, lighting, etc on the camera.

Then after the family photos were done, I asked that handsome husband of mine to please take a couple of pictures of me and the kids while they were being all cute and adorable.

I’m so glad I did because I think these two pictures might be my favorites from the whole day! These are images that I can look back on in years to come and remember not just how cute my kids were back then, but also to remember me. I will treasure these pictures forever – and all it took was letting go control of the camera for five minutes on a Tuesday afternoon.

I am a long time reader and occasional participant in Mommy & Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious? hosted by the lovely and inspirational Krystyn. The rules are simple – get into the pictures with your kids and share the pictures on your blog and link up every Monday. I’ll be making more of an effort to participate in 2013, how about you?

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