Mommy & Me Monday : February 18, 2013

Last week BB was being particularly adorable and rocking a really cute outfit so I steered her into the living room and took some pics with the real camera because it’s been too long. I got some amazing pictures of her with lighting that had me absolutely swooning.

Then she ran behind me and propped one arm over my shoulder and said, “Now take a picture of me and you, mommy!” How could I refuse?

Luckily I was wearing a new shirt that I’m loving. Unluckily I had my hair pulled into a sloppy pony tail so I kind of look like a boy and my face was doing strange angles and I couldn’t decide which side was my best side because they both looked kind of lumpy. Oh well.

These were the two best pictures that look all intentional and like I had her posing in some specific way but honestly this was all her doing. All I did was move my head around a lot and hope she didn’t walk away and lose interest. And you know lumpy face and bad hair day aside, I kind of love these pictures. I love how real they are – just us in our normal clothes doing normal lazy stuff (yes the tiara is very much a normal occurrence these days).

I love the love that you can feel in these pictures and the happiness. I love how big she is getting and how independent and confident she is. She has her own agendas and wants and needs and is awesome at expressing them (sometimes too awesome). My little girl is growing up to be an amazing, self sufficient beautiful girl – a self rescuing princess for sure!

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