Little Thoughts on Love: My Kids Answer 10 Questions

I read this post at Lena B., Actually where she interviewed her kids with questions about love. Their answers were so cute that I decided to ask my kids the same questions, wondering what their answers would be. Here are the results:

MM, age 6 1/2

1. What is your favorite thing about Valentines Day?

MM: Getting all the valentines and stuff

BB: Cookies!!

2. What does True Love Mean?

MM: I dunno…

BB: Four!!

3. What do you love the most?

MM: My friends

BB: um… cupcakes? They’re purple that I like mommy, purple cupcakes.

4. How old do you have to be to fall in love?

MM: A grown up … like 98 or maybe 27?

BB: Four!

5. Who is your favorite couple?

MM: Like 2 cups? (then after I explain what a couple is) Scott & Taira or Julissa & Nicole (friends from school). They always do EVERYTHING together!

BB: Chipmunks.

BB, age 3 1/2

6. What is your favorite love song?

MM: Call Me Maybe – that’s a good love song, right mom?

BB: The ABC song is what I like.

7. What do people do when they go on a date?

MM: They go places together and do lots of loooove stuff.

BB: They go in the truck, mommy.

8. How do people act when they are in love?

MM: They act like “oh this person is GREAT! I wish I could marry them every day!” I have no idea mom, I was just guessing, but don’t write that down okay?

BB: They cry, because they cry when they are sad but when they are in love they are happy & have red and blue socks.

9. How do you decide who to marry?

MM: You take out someone that you really like & then you marry that person.

BB: MM and me are marrying like you and daddy are marrying, okay mommy?

10. Do you think you’ll fall in love someday?

MM: Probably, everybody falls in love, right?

BB: Yeah MM & me could marry and you & daddy could marry, ain’t that a great idea??

So I think my big takeaway from this little interview was that MM kiiiiind of understands love but still mostly has no clue which really is just how a 6 year old boy should be. I loved his response about a grown up being either 98 or 27 – either way means you are OLD.

I loved how BB answered each question with absolute certainty even when she had no idea what she was talking about. There was no wavering at all. I also like that in her mind when Dan and I go on a date, we clearly spend the whole time just sitting in the truck until we get back.

I might have to ask them all these questions again when they are older just to compare the answers. :O)

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