Mommy & Me Monday: Mustard, Weeping Angels and a Weekend Wrap-up

mustard museum

There is a museum in our neighborhood that is dedicated to mustard. Yes, mustard. The National Mustard Museum is free and open to the public daily – you can learn all about the history of mustard, see an amazing assortment of mustard, play mustard trivia games, sample different mustard (and salsas, etc.) in their mustard store and buy mustard, mustard books and mustard memorabilia. There is even a mustard tasting bar. These people clearly love mustard.

It’s a small museum and provides just enough fun to make it worth the drive but a short enough experience that you can fit it into a busy schedule easily. We have been meaning to check out the infamous Mustard Museum since we first moved here back in 2009 and we finally made it happen this weekend. We took the kids’ pictures next to a giant mustard bottle, and did all the requisite mustard activities. And just outside the museum… we saw weeping angels.

Don't blink!

Sort of. Minus the weeping. But they were still rather unsettlingly similar to the weeping angels of Doctor Who. So of course I took a picture – clearly, I like to live dangerously:

And then we took pictures of me and the kids in front of the fountain (see top of post collage) so I could share them for Mommy & Me Monday @ Really, Are You Serious. Then we threw coins in the fountain to appease the angels (yes, I know, we are nerds). Then we had dinner.

Other cute happenings from the weekend:

watching the lorax

Watching The Lorax with her bestie after we all had homemade French Bread Pizzas and amazing chocolate chip cookies from Costco (seriously, you need to run there and get some now). These girls are so cute together, it kind of delights the mommies to watch them interact together.

passed out

The lengths she’ll go to to avoid sleeping in her own room. Passed out in the hallway at the top of the stairs.

Not photographed weekend fun:

I read 3 books in less than a week. The Selection books are my new drug. The last book doesn’t come out until like spring 2014 which means I now have book-junkie itch. I’m trying to ignore it and read The Great Gatsby – the first few paragraphs were almost annoyingly descriptive but it got a bit better. I finished the first chapter and have not completely given up on it, so there you go.

Dan and I did a trial packing run to make sure we had enough luggage for our upcoming trip / decide which bags to bring, etc. I was convinced we didn’t have enough luggage – he proved that we didn’t need all the luggage we have. He wins. We are getting supremely excited about this trip – wee!!!

We made very tipsy bread pudding, mostly following Ree’s recipe but adding extra alcohol and we forgot to add pecans. Irish Cream and vanilla extract are sort of the same thing, right?

We watched this rom/com called The Decoy Bride starring David Tennant AKA The Doctor and Kelly Macdonald AKA Merida from Brave, bt-dubs. I really loved it, and even better, so did Dan. It takes place on the remote Scottish island of Hegg and the cast is just brilliant. It’s funny and it made me cry and oh gosh, you must see it!

What did you do this weekend?

Any book or movie recommendations?

Feel free to share in the comments section!

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  1. Lindsey, the Redhead Baby Mama Avatar

    beautiful statues – and who knew; a mustard museum!