The Obligatory Easter Photos: Mommy and Me Monday

selfie family
Me and the kids after church, snuggling in for some selfies.

Of course I wouldn’t be a true “Mommy Blogger” if I didn’t share half a dozen Easter photos of my kids today. Be grateful that I narrowed this down as much as I did because I took almost 100 pictures this year. I know your time is precious though so, you’re welcome.

I’m linking up with Krystyn today because I actually managed to snap myself into some photos this time and that seems to happen rarely enough that it merits some level of applause and at least deserves to be shared at Mommy & Me Monday.

Here are some more memories photographed from our Easter Sunday…

the hunt
The Easter Egg Hunt!
the golden egg
She found the Golden Egg!! This special egg was absolutely filled to the overflowing brim with Easter Candy so it’s kind of a big deal.
PALS dye this year
Our decorated Easter Eggs. Sans Candy. After several years of natural dyes I gave myself a break this year and treated myself to some PALS dye. It was marvelously low stress.
Easter Best
His Easter Finest, courtesy of Grammy. Can my boy pull off spearmint green like a boss or what?
the goofy shot
“Now just goof around for a bit” I told him. An Easter Outtake for the win.
Her Easter Finest
That mischievous grin… it slays me. She’s probably plotting world domination here.
thanks grammy!
Thanks to grammy for An Easter Dress Fit For a Ballerina Princess. The neon socks just completely make the look, don’t you think?
Clearly they are done with this.
“Act like you like each other.” This was seriously the best I could get out of these two. This photo should be in black and white with one of them holding a pitchfork. Seriously.

3 responses to “The Obligatory Easter Photos: Mommy and Me Monday”

  1. Betsy Avatar

    You have a really cute couple kids there. Looks like you had a really good easter though.


  2. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? Avatar
    Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious?

    Great Easter shots! And that is an awesome golden egg, too!

    The kiddos look great and I’m so glad you jumped in the picture with them!


  3. Sarah C. Avatar

    LOL about narrowing it down. I had to do the same. And tried to keep my written post brief as well. Looks like you all had a wonderful Easter!