weekly geekly: 4.3.2015


I should be making myself breakfast and getting ready for work right now – or finishing the laundry and putting away some dishes. I definitely shouldn’t be lingering at picmonkey.com making new graphics for the blog like I do roughly every 3 days or so. Some people are addicted to heroine. Some people are addicted to whiskey. Me? I’m addicted to making adequate graphics and changing my blog theme. To each their own, right? (sidenote: don’t do heroine)

Here’s some other stuff I did online when I wasn’t doing that super important stuff previously mentioned:

What have you been doing when you should have been doing something else?


2 thoughts on “weekly geekly: 4.3.2015

  1. Look at you making masks and stuff. I love Pic Monkey and I have no qualms to pay their fairly cheap rate compared to an overwhelming version of Photoshop where you know you won’t use even half of their features much less know how to really do it. All those Photoshop classes and look where it got me?


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