The Difference A Year Makes: Part Two

20150331_074726It was roughly this time last year that I was writing about our decision to transfer the kids from public school to a local private school that our neighbor and good friend had sent her kids to the year before. We were optimistic but nervous that it might not be the right fit.

What if the kids felt excluded because they were not Lutherans? What if the curriculum was too hard or not hard enough to justify the cost? What if we couldn’t afford it or didn’t like the teachers or the other families? What if the kids were so upset about leaving old friends behind that they couldn’t embrace the potential of new friends?

Luckily, kids are more resilient than we often give them credit for. Luckily the school has been a good fit. Luckily the teachers and families have been friendly and inviting and the kids have made wonderful friends.

20150401_170603The curriculum has been absolutely challenging, but the kids and I have risen to the challenges and their grades and smiles are all the proof we need to know it has been a good choice.

I love seeing MM challenged but thriving – even after long nights of homework and the occasional battles over organization and follow through; and it delights me to see how much miss BB has learned in her year as a kindergarten girl – she is already an avid reader and an eager student and gaining independence and confidence in leaps and bounds thanks to her amazing teacher.

Aside from the curriculum, I adore the wholesome environment that the school has worked hard to create. The kids feel completely safe and at home and I feel like they are safe and at home there.

After school activities are so much more low stress when you can just relax and enjoy the event and let your kids do their thing without you hovering. And in less than one school year we have met and befriended just about every family at the school – something that is doable in such a small school that would not be possible in a large public school.

We’ve signed the kids up for another year and I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to keep sending the kids there indefinitely.

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    That’s awesome! Look at MM all grown up in his glasses.