The difference a year makes.


The prompt I chose for this week’s Writer’s Workshop hosted by Mama Kat is:

1.) What were you writing about last year at this time? What has changed?

On April 18, 2013 – one year and one day ago – I wrote about having our request to transfer the kids into another local public school denied and coming to terms with our plan for the fall. I wrote about the various options we had considered and the pros and cons for each. That fall BB entered 4k at the same local school that MM attends – it was kind of a major life change for us with both kids about to be at school in the mornings. But it was really just dipping a toe into that world since BB would only be in school for a few hours in the mornings Tuesday-Friday.

Both kids have really had a great academic year but for all the reasons I mentioned in my blog post last year (and a few new ones) we continued to look into other options. This fall she will be starting kindergarten, he third grade. This means both kids will be at school for a full school day – they will arrive and leave together at the same times. I will have a lot more time on my hand to either spend getting into shape, walking the dog and keeping a clean house; finding gainful employment; or playing even more games on Facebook.

This week I dropped off enrollment packets at a local Lutheran school that MM’s best friend attends and LOVES. It’s got the vigorous education standards that the local Catholic schools might boast but at a fraction of the price – and it’s close and comes with a few built in friends for the kids, which means a slightly less scary transition. I’m also a major fan of the fact that they have the same hours every day – no early release or late starts. Also we really got great vibes from the school tour we took a few weeks ago.

This has not been an easy decision – there’s been much deliberation which I won’t get into here just yet and the process is not actually done – we don’t have a for sure spot in the school yet but the odds seem likely that (knock on wood) this will probably be the school our kids attend in the fall.

So – yes – what a difference a year makes! Though I am so glad that I sent the kids to their local public school another year and have been happy with their teachers, all the reasons we’ve thought of transferring them have not changed and the timing feels right now. With BB starting kindergarten in the fall, this seems like an ideal time to make the switch if we are going to. So cross your fingers for us!

Do your kids go to public school, private or other?

What kind of schools did you attend growing up?

Tell me more about it in the comments section!

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10 thoughts on “The difference a year makes.

  1. Oh I’m with you, I definitely did not anticipate that choosing the right school for my kids was going to be so difficult. It’s a major decision and you just don’t want to get it wrong!


  2. I will never understand the late start/early release trend. All educators know how important routine is to children.
    I am a big believer in advocating for what your kid needs at every level. We did private school, public school, home school and even some combo of a couple. It just depended on what the school had to offer us at each grade level. In the end there are only a couple years when I feel we could have done better. Not bad for three kids/12 yrs each.


  3. I love your new site layout! Looks great. So clean and easy to navigate. We have had some of the same issues regarding education. My son attended kindergarten at a public school last year and over Christmas break, we got on a waiting list for a Lutheran school. A bond measure passed in May and while it didn’t eliminate the large class sizes, it brought some hope. He went back to that public school for first grade and he is having a great year, but as you said, the issues aren’t resolved. Difficult times we’re living in, but the majority of learning happens at home. I keep reminding myself of that. Fingers crossed everything works out just as you want it to.


  4. I was raised in the public school system, and my girls are in the same. Right now I don’t have another option. They seem to be thriving though. I am very happy with the teachers they have had and really proud of how they are doing in school


  5. You have done your research! I like the fact that the kids will have a regular, consistent, set school schedule.

    I can tell you from my own experience as a public school teacher, the frustrations of having so many early release days, vacation days, etc. I felt like when I was starting to make progress, there was another day off. Seems like the kids have more “off” time than “on” time now days. Kids can become so distracted with inconsistencies.


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