weekend link love: april 18, 2014

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This week my kids were home for Spring Break, but it definitely didn’t feel like Spring. Apart from a few lovely moments last weekend, it’s been awfully cold and blustery, depleting my motivation to do All the Things that Spring Break is good for like long mornings at the playground or a trip to the zoo or botanical gardens. Instead we spent a lot of time at the grocery store, doing laundry, watching favorite movies and hiding in the bathroom. That last part was mostly me.

So yeah, I’m kind of needing this weekend coming up to recuperate from a long week of “Mom, I’m bored!” and hiding indoors. Before we put a pin in this week, here are some of the better things I found online while the kids were watching Frozen for the 137th time.

  • Easter is THIS WEEKEND guys – I’m not sure how it crept up so quickly but luckily I’m prepared with Easter Basket goodies, plastic eggs ready to be filled with… something – and lots of egg dying projects I want to try. We’re planning to dye the eggs on Easter because apart from Church, cute shoes and some last minute prepared egg hunt, we have nothing planned. Like we’ll probably make the kids wash the cars again. Annnnyway Easter egg dyes I want to try: blue eggs with red cabbage and red eggs with yellow onion skins (food dyes are magic, apparently). There are a lot of great natural dye ideas out there to play with – but I’m also really intrigued by these floral decoupage eggs at The Hunted Interior.
  • Okay so your eggs are soaking in the dye and you remember that dying eggs naturally seems to take forever!!! Keep the littles preoccupied with these Easter printables from Made by Joel (love him). And keep yourself busy with this raspberry chocolate chip banana bread by Sally’s Baking Addictions (seriously).
  • Now after your kids are ODing on Easter candy and running circles around the house with chocolate covered hands and you are getting worried because you haven’t taken any Pinterest worthy Easter pictures yet and you forgot to do that big activity with the Easter Fairy of Hullabaloo, remember that we are done making our kid’s childhood magical now and have another slice of that banana bread. I won’t judge you if you don’t judge me.
  • But then later if you want to make these super cute pom pom jewelry boxes that Ohdeardrea posted about… me, too.
  • Have a quiet moment to enjoy something just for you? I am in awe of this video that Diesel made of an Alphabet of Dance. I’m feeling really unflexible right now.
  • Okay the kids are probably looking for you now with I’m Bored in their eyes – distract them with this collection of drawings of Olaf as the Disney Princesses. My daughter was over the moon about these. Speaking of Frozen, have you seen this cute video of How Frozen Should Have Ended? Finally someone is pointing out the obvious!

What’s the best thing you read online this week?

5 thoughts on “weekend link love: april 18, 2014

  1. I’m really behind typical blog slacker that I am. We (what am I saying… I) did the crayon method of egg dying, not for small children for sure but I was impressed that it stayed on well and was vibrant and didn’t get sweaty and come off from the fridge.


  2. Loved LOVED we are done making our kids childhoods magical! Really good reality check. I also love that you are so down to earth. I feel like your blog is Real Life, not some perfectly edited version of life. We need to see more of that.


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