5 Science Experiments and Videos to share with your kids!

My kids are officially on summer vacation and to prevent screen time overload brain mushiness, I nerded my heart out last month and concocted a summer plan of learning. It’s more of an outline than an actual concrete plan. Because each day and week of our summer will look different than the one before, I simplyContinue reading “5 Science Experiments and Videos to share with your kids!”

weekend link love: june 20, 2014

We’re having a lazy summer day here. The kids are playing some epic game of make believe, the dog is peacefully snoozing (for once) and I’m trying to catch up on email, RSS feeds and household chores and scrambling to get the family ready for an upcoming trip. But first, it’s time for my weekendContinue reading “weekend link love: june 20, 2014”

The difference a year makes.

The prompt I chose for this week’s Writer’s Workshop hosted by Mama Kat is: 1.) What were you writing about last year at this time? What has changed? On April 18, 2013 – one year and one day ago – I wrote about having our request to transfer the kids into another local public school denied and coming toContinue reading “The difference a year makes.”

Eco Friendly Craft Ideas: Make your own upcycled puzzles!

Here’s an easy project for a cold, rainy afternoon. Kids are bored beyond belief and need a new distraction? Pull out a piece of cardboard from your recycling with an interesting picture and cut it into a jigsaw puzzle. We used the box from a frozen pizza. You could do this with a cereal box,Continue reading “Eco Friendly Craft Ideas: Make your own upcycled puzzles!”

quick activity idea: make sticker stories!

Feeling the Mid Summer Blahs? Here’s a quick activity to do with your kids that is pretty open ended, easy and frugal. Make & Takes shared the idea for writing sticker rebus stories today and I immediately ran to our little crafting cabinet and pulled all of our sheets of stickers that I’ve been halfheartedlyContinue reading “quick activity idea: make sticker stories!”