Eco Friendly Craft Ideas: Make your own upcycled puzzles!


Here’s an easy project for a cold, rainy afternoon. Kids are bored beyond belief and need a new distraction? Pull out a piece of cardboard from your recycling with an interesting picture and cut it into a jigsaw puzzle. We used the box from a frozen pizza.

You could do this with a cereal box, the box a new toy comes in, frozen pizza boxes, etc. Sky’s the limit here really – and you can make the puzzle as easy or as complex as you want to suit your kiddos needs. If they lose a piece (or twelve) you won’t really care because it didn’t cost you anything more than time!

What simple rainy day activities are your favorite?

One response to “Eco Friendly Craft Ideas: Make your own upcycled puzzles!”

  1. jeffcolemanwrites Avatar

    I like this. It’s creative, and it teaches kids the value of finding uses for things that would otherwise be thrown into the trash.