Mommy & Me Monday: Carousel at the Bratfest


Yesterday we went to the Bratfest, a Madison tradition which celebrates all things bratwurst and really, an excuse for a carnival and delicious food. Apart from all the yummy brats and fair food, the kids most enjoyed riding on the carousel. I went on to make sure that little BB didn’t fall off her horse but I was so impressed by how well both kids did. She was absolutely enthralled with the whole thing and I was glad to be able to get a couple quick up close snapshots.


A small part of me was worried that MM might be too young to ride alone but he did great and totally didn’t need me there, though he was thrilled to share the experience with me.


Daddy took lots of pictures from the sidelines, using this cool burst photo feature which meant that I edited like 100 pictures from the day. These were his two best shots from the carousel.


Hope you are all having a great Memorial Day!

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  1. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? Avatar

    Goodness, BB is looking so big! Like 6! My kids love the carousel…but I don’t ride. Puke fest for me.