random acts of snow day kindness

We got a few inches of snow this morning and into the afternoon so around 4pm I figured I’d better get started shoveling so that Dan could get into the garage when he got home.

MM was playing at his friend’s house – taking advantage of the snow on the ground while it was there – which left me alone with BB so I decided to bundle her up and make the best out of it, asking her to come help me shovel. She was, of course, delighted.

The hard part, I knew, was going to be keeping her as far away from the street as I could and as I approached the end of the driveway and she of course followed me like a shadow, I was about to worry that this wasn’t going to work after all when suddenly my next door neighbor appeared with his snow blower. It seems he’d finished cleaning out his driveway and had seen BB and I shoveling and he quickly came over and offered to clear our driveway also while he was out. I gratefully accepted his help and had BB help me with our little walkway up to the house while he made quick work of our driveway.

I am so grateful and feel so blessed. This would have taken me possibly hours (because I’m a wimp and out of shape). I hurt my shoulder a bit just shoveling the driveway and can’t help but think how much worse I might have hurt myself it left to my own devices out there and how long it would have taken.

I love that we live in the kind of neighborhood where you help your neighbors and are friendly. Where my son can walk to his best friend’s house without me being a complete nervous wreck (it’s only two houses away but still). I love *having* a driveway that needs to be shoveled because it means that we are homeowners. I love having a sweet daughter who still thinks that shoveling with her mom is an amazing adventure.

It’s easy to look at the remnants of this afternoon and just see muddy footprints, soaking wet winter hats and jackets and a sore back – I want to make sure I take this moment to be grateful for the kindness of strangers and remember what a wonderful world we live in and how blessed my family is. ❤