‘Shippers Delight: Two Major Kisses on TV This Week!

Let me preface this by saying that, at heart, I’m still kind of a 14 year old fan girl. I get very caught up in the relationships on the tv shows I watch – I cried like a baby through the whole MerDer saga and have been a Joey / Pacey fan from the start. You get the idea, I’m a giant nerd.

Anyway, it’s seems like the TV gods are on my side this week (or perhaps it’s just that time in the tv seasons for ‘shipper progress – either way, I’m so not complaining). Two of the potential “ships” I’ve been hoping for have made serious progress this week with a The Kiss moment that had me internally squealing like a fan girl.

The first being New Girl’s Nick & Jess with a steamy kiss at the tail end of the episode that it seems had a lot of fans cheering and hitting the rewind buttons on their DVRs and then a memorable line from Nick, “I meant something like that,” as he walked away. Jess’s look afterwards really says it all and I’m possibly a little too excited to see where their relationship  goes from there. Ignoring that whole lame She Has a Boyfriend thing because, honestly, who cares?

And then there’s Emily Owens, a show that had to rush their love plot tremendously I’m guessing when they found out the show would be cancelled at the end of it’s first season. Last night Micah finally worked up the nerve to kiss Emily and next week we’ll find out who she chooses… Micah (yess!!!!) or her longtime crush Will who is conveniently and suddenly single (boo!). I think it’s so incredibly obvious that it should be Micah, but I guess I’ll have to wait to see how the TV gods feel about me next week.

Any other exciting ‘shipper development on your favorite shows right now?

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