Tuesday10: Things I Can’t Live Without

It’s Tuesday and that means it’s time for a Tuesday10 link up. This week’s theme is things you can’t live without. I thought I’d write from the perspective of a Stay at Home Mom (I know, a novel concept, right?) who spends a lot of these cold winter days trapped at home with a cranky three year old Princess Ballerina Tutu Dictator who thinks that nap times are, like, so yesterday.

Here are 10 things that I NEED to stay sane each day:

  1. Coffee: Most mornings I am forced to wake up WAY before my body would ever do so naturally. To be fair, it’s probably later than many moms get up because my husband spoils me a tad, knowing it will help him live longer if I am relatively pleasant sometimes. But regardless, waking up by 7am at the latest each morning feels kind of like torture until I’ve had a cup of coffee. Perhaps I have become spoiled and mildly addicted but at the moment, I don’t care. As long as there’s coffee.
  2. Disney Junior: Yeah, I’m gonna come right out and admit that my kid watches television. Any parents who never let their kids watch television are probably aliens or hippies (or both?) and you know, power to them, but a little Sofia the First  keeps mother and daughter happy in our household and also lends itself nicely to me goading BB into good manners. “Princesses always chew with their mouths closed, BB, Sofia the First would NEVER chew with her mouth open!”
  3. Peanut butter and jelly: My daughter is in that repetition stage where she wants to watch the same episode of the same television show every day for a month and likewise has been eating the same lunch almost religiously for the past year. Peanut butter and jelly with a side of string cheese and a glass of milk. Fruit or cold veggies on the side may be acceptable. God help you if you suggest anything else. Just.don’t.do.it.
  4. Google Calendar: Some days we need to leave the house. Google calendar reminds me where we are going and when. I don’t know how I existed before the internet sometimes.
  5. Huggies pull ups: With Princesses on them of course. I won’t use any other training pants brand until they all have a resealable tab on the side so that (one) you can reattach them if necessary and two – you can roll them up into a neat little ball if your child doesn’t make it to the bathroom. I am slightly OCD and the sight of a diaper not rolled into a ball and firmly sealed may send me into hysterics (and WILL clog my diaper pail, jerk). You’ve been warned.
  6. Nap time: I don’t always get it, but it does keep me sane. Sometimes nap time is called Quiet Time or Please Go Read in Your Bedroom Time. It’s a mutually beneficial part of my day with BB because whether she admits it or not, she still needs a little snooze time in the afternoon and will fall asleep in strange places later if she doesn’t get one. And mom likes a chance to clean the house, check her email, and okay fine I want to watch Bunheads and Downton Abbey. Mother and daughter will both likely be grumpy on days that don’t include a little #6.
  7. Cherry Coke Zero: My new crack. This is my afternoon reward for making it through the morning. I’m still coming to terms with this whole artificial sweetener phenomenon and I don’t consume a lot of the fake sugars, but this one is my weakness.
  8. My Smart Phone: It might literally be my brain. It’s my grocery list, calendar, email, facebook feed, deck of cards, GPS, camera and more. I try to make it do everything it possibly can for me but so far I still haven’t been able to teach it to take out the trash, check the mailbox or pick up MM from the bus stop for me. Anyone got an app for that?
  9. Hugs and Kisses: Sometimes life is just a lot of go go go and don’t touch that and put your shoes on. Hugs and kisses and story time are the parts in the middle that make it all worth it. They can diffuse a bad  temper, melt a grumpy heart and just plain feel awesome. No day is complete without hugs and kisses.
  10. My husband: Knowing he is coming home each night gets me through each day.

What are some things that you can’t live without?

Things are pretty simple around here and there is only one requirement… Make a list of 10 things and link up at My Life As Mindy!

Next week is all about love! Link up your favorite Valentines Moments {think stereo over your head, meet-cute moments} either in the movies or moments that happened to you or maybe a little of both!