Thursday Morning: February 7, 2013


I thought I would take a minute to do a little Basic Blogging about our week. While I enjoy the last few sips of that delicious latte (photographed above), let’s chat about life, shall we?

This weekend was the Super Bowl. I know a lot of people ate delicious food and watched the Beyonce Concert & Football Game (and apparently a 30 minute blackout in the middle?). We set out to do just that but after about 2 1/2 minutes the kids expressed such severe boredom and ants-in-the-pants-ishness that I opted to switch to the Puppy Bowl instead. This was much better received as the kids spent the next hour debating over which dog was the cutest, what the best name for a dog would be and giggling and barking like puppies for good measure. Plus we got away with calling bagel bites dinner and if that’s not a reason to celebrate, I don’t know what is. I think the Puppy Bowl might have to be a new tradition around here, at least while the kids are little and when there are no teams playing that we care about (which to be fair would be most of the teams).

I seem to have acquired a few new pretties this week. It started with a trip to Staples where we went in to print some flyers for my women’s group and walked out with a laser printer. I know that sounds really frivolous but we’ve been looking at laser printers for awhile now and they had a really good price and our ink at home was running low. Our new printer can do that double sided printy thing which I’m really looking forward to trying out.

Then we went to Famous Footwear, our main shopping mission for the weekend because momma’s feet were very, very cold and none of my shoes seemed to be cutting it. I found a great pair of shoes by Khombu that are all fleece lined and easy to slip on and off and were on sale for 40% off and nearly walked away and called it a day when I noticed these boots by Sporto on sale for 70% off and for some reason I decided to try them on. I’m a glutton for punishment and my lust for tall boots eclipses my knowledge that my extra wide calves typically make it impossible to find a pair that I can put on at all for less than like $200. So when I found out that a pair of boots for $25 fit me and were comfortable and pretty cute… There was no way I was leaving the store without them.

These two purchases should have sufficiently sent me over the moon and counting my blessings. We were nearly ready to head home when I asked the hubby if we could stop into Bed, Bath & Beyond so I could drool over the coffee maker I wanted. He agreed and even admitted that it seemed nice and that the sale they were running was excellent but because of the printer purchase we agreed to wait. I remembered then that we had a rewards card coming from AT&T from our recent switch to their tv & internet services. He agreed that when the card came I could get the coffee maker.

The card came the next damned day. Seriously. I wasn’t expecting it for another month. So yesterday BB and I went back to Bed, Bath & Beyond and bought my precious. You can read about just how amazingly good of a deal I ended up getting here because I don’t really want to type the whole story twice. I’ll be reviewing my precious soon, but as a sneak preview I am drinking a cup of coffee made from my CBTL right now and it’s delicious.

On Monday we went to coffee with friends and drove in the snow a LOT. That afternoon I had to sign BB up for 4k. When MM got off the bus, I literally threw them into the car and drove straight to the school (okay fine, I didn’t throw anybody, geez). So I’m attempting to get both of the kids into a different school than our current school for 2013-14 and I’m not super familiar with the actual building of said new school yet. We got to the school and walked ALL the way around the building before finding the entrance – a long, cold, snowy walk with a lot of attempts at opening doors that don’t open and MM trying to point out how much smarter he is than me because that’s going to help matters.

We finally find the right door and go inside where  it is not immediately obvious who I should talk to but I do eventually talk to the right person who asks for my paperwork and I very smugly pull them out of my little laptop bag / briefcase and feel all organized and Type A Mom and then she asks for BB’s birth certificate and a copy of a utilities bill and… yeah, so much for Type A Mom. I swear in that moment it seemed like she was thrilled that I didn’t have everything I needed. I weakly asked if I really needed to go home and come back (thinking of that long walk back to the car and the snowy drive home) and she really smugly agreed that I did with a little Bless Your Heart kinda vibe that made me want to punch her in the throat but probably I was overreacting so I dragged the kids back around the entire building and to the car and went home and grabbed the papers and got back in the car and drove back to the school, fighting after school traffic now but eventually parked in the right parking lot this time and…

BB had fallen asleep on the way. Ugh! I sat stewing for a few minutes and complained on Facebook and ignored MM’s questions of what we were doing and when were we going in but eventually sucked it up and woke up BB and walked inside and then three minutes later we were done and back in the car but BB’s chances of getting a real nap were officially dashed, along with my hopes of watching Downton Abbey that afternoon. We went to Target and bought milk and went home.

On Tuesday I went online and submitted a request to transfer MM to the same school that I signed BB up for and well that was much more uneventful and now it’s all out of my hands for the time being.

And now I will leave you with a joke from my Baby Blues 365 calendar: What do you call a stolen yam? A Hot Potato!

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