The Top Secret Adventure Club by Highlights Magazine.

Is there anything better than getting something cool in the mail? I recently ordered a few subscription projects for MM, having been totally won over by Kiwi Crate and wanting to get him something fun, too. I ordered him a subscription to Little Passports and the Highlights Top Secret Adventures club. My husband was especially excited about Top Secret because he and his siblings had a subscription to it when they were kids. It’s fun when our childhood memories make a 360 and reappear in our own kids’ lives.

Anyway we got our first package from Highlights this week and MM has been studiously working to figure out WHAT was stolen, WHO stole it and WHERE it’s hidden so he can crack the case! He is loving the idea that he is a Secret Agent and that the case is a mystery that’s TOP SECRET, mommy, so don’t tell anyone! I have to admit, I’ve had some fun myself helping him get the hang of how it works. It reminds me of Clue and Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego which I loved as a kid.

Also it’s all super educational and momma has to get behind that! His first month’s package also came with a giant world map which I hung up on our bulletin board and a carabiner to hold a key chain for each country that he “visits” over the months. This month is all about China and working slightly out of order, we have figured out WHERE the stolen goods were hidden but still have no idea what was stolen or who took it. Whoops – did I mention I’ve never done one of these before?

Are your kids in the Top Secret Adventure club or something like it?

5 thoughts on “The Top Secret Adventure Club by Highlights Magazine.

  1. I am looking at getting either the Little Passports or the Top Secret Adventure Club but having a hard time deciding. Do you prefer one over the other and why? Thanks.


    1. My son really loves both. I think that the little gifts that come with Little Passports are more fun. I would also say they are a little more “educational” where the Top Secret is more “problem solving / riddles/ etc with an educational undertone” but both are very similar.


  2. how fun. I remember highlights when I was younger… this sounds like something we should look into down the road…


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