rss love: my thoughts on feedly RSS reader

Last night I read that google is discontinuing google reader. I was so shocked and surprised by this decision as I honestly never saw it coming. I use google reader every day to follow all of my favorite blogs so life without an RSS reader is just inconceivable to me. My husband, though also disappointed, told me this has really been a long time coming. The writing was on the wall when they stopped featuring reader on their toolbars or stopped responding to users reporting problems with reader, like that giant glitch they had last month. Anyway, my point is – I should have seen it coming, but I didn’t at all. I think a lot of people feel the same way and are now scrambling to find a replacement.

I saw a lot of people mentioning feedly in comments sections and on Facebook and decided to check them out. I liked their catchy name and they seem to be really jumping on this opportunity to welcome new users. They even have a post with tips and recommendations for people transitioning from google reader to make the transition smoother.

feedly screenshot

My thoughts on feedly so far? It’s taking some getting used to but I think I might actually like it better. It’s highly customizable and I love that different folders can be viewed different ways. For instance, the fashion blogs I like are highly picture oriented and look nice with their card viewing format above.

feedly titles view screenshot

how to change the view settingsThere are a lot of viewing options to choose from that suit different users and preferences. However, for most of the blogs I read, I prefer to sift through in the traditional google reader format I’m used to. This can be achieved by viewing them as titles. Hover over that little gear icon on the right side of the page and you can select from a number of different view options. Titles is the setting most google reader users will be familiar with. Other view formats I like are the cards setting which I mentioned earlier which I’m using for the fashion blogs I follow and also the food blogs where a picture really is worth a thousand words.

For the comics I read, I really like being able to view them all as full articles. No clicking necessary, just scroll through and read them all at once. This would probably be a lot to scroll through for the majority of the blogs I read, but for comics I found it’s perfect.

feedly screenshot of comics view

These are just some of the customizing options they offer. They have an expansive preferences menu and even offer color themes so you can further pretty it up. You can even view your Facebook news feed on the sidebar of the page or your twitter feed. And there are a lot of sharing options for the posts you are reading, making sharing to facebook or twitter or google + very easy.

Basically, feedly really does seem to have it all and maybe a little more. Plus, did I mention pretty? And free? And available on your android and apple devices? Yup, it looks like momma might survive the demise of google reader after all. So fear not fellow RSS readers, feedly has got you covered.


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