Easter 2013: A picture-filled recap

I hope all my lovely readers had a beautiful Easter weekend. We kept things fairly low key around here. The kids wore their Easter finest, adorable new duds from my thoughtful MIL. I am just loving both looks.

MM’s fedora and plaid shirt are almost as bright and colorful as his personality. He has been wearing that fedora everywhere and he wears it well!

BB is rocking her new Easter dress and bracelet like a pro. I’m secretly loving the shoes on the wrong feet and I tried to photograph her in her natural element because trying to force a pose with her just doesn’t work these days.

The Easter Bunny was generous this year with a bug scope and a DK book on bugs, a bubble machine and lots of personalized coloring books, stickers, bookmarks and a puzzle. Oh and some candy, too, of course.

We did a small indoor egg hunt. The outdoors isn’t quite egg hunt ready just yet, though the weather was gorgeous. I hid twelve eggs filled with cereal around the house while the kids were getting dressed. The hunt was over almost before it began. MM wasn’t very fair to his poor little sister and found almost all the “easy” eggs I’d hidden in seconds before I could stop him, but he helped her find those remaining few eggs and both kids had a great time.

After the Egg Hunt, we had breakfast (Dan made a delicious quiche) and watched Dr Who reruns.

Isn’t that how everyone celebrates Easter? With a little David Tennant vs. The Master storyline? Can you hear the drums?

After breakfast, the kids helped Dan wash the cars…

And played with the new bubble machine. The weather was beautiful – one of the warmest days in months. My daughter went out in a sleeveless dress for the first time this year. I think Spring may finally be coming (knock on wood).

While the kids helped daddy outside, mommy dyed some Easter eggs. Last year I was really pleased with how my natural dyes came out, particularly the eggs dyed with pomegranate juice and vinegar. So this year I picked up a few small bottles of different juices to experiment with dyes.

The orange juice didn’t work at all, and my results this year in general were very different from last year, but I kind of like the marbled look. Last year I used hard boiled eggs, this year I used blown eggs. Last year they sat in the refrigerator over night. This year they sat in my sink for about 6 hours. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing next year, but I had fun experimenting.

How was your Easter weekend? Memories not photographed include: lunch at the new Dairy Queen in town and eating leftover Chinese for dinner while watching even more Dr Who. :O) Basically, a perfect day.