high five for friday: march 29th 2013


Can I just start by saying: TGIF? This has been a long week. Having MM home for Spring break has been fun but also exhausting. I’ve had a hard time keeping up with the demands of two kids with two different sets of wants and needs and an absolutely crazy puppy who is having potty training regression this week in a major way. Luckily, it’s Friday and apart from meaning we’re only one day away from the weekend, it also means it’s time for High Five For Friday. I think I could totally benefit from some Power of Positive Thinking right now.

  1. Yesterday I finally pulled out one of our Kiwi Crates which have been forming a little stockpile in my office to help illustrate my penchant for laziness or perhaps my lack of time for arts & crafts lately. I thought that these Secret Agent disguises would be a great project for both kids and I was right. They really loved this one and I continue to adore Kiwi Crate madly.
  2. I already shared with you some of these pictures, like the portrait that MM drew for me (with a little help from BB) but it totally qualifies for being mentioned as a High Five for this week, so I’m showing it again. Is it weird how much I love this drawing?
  3. Last weekend the fam and I went to Cherry Berry, a new to me frozen yogurt bar that is dangerously well located near lots of places I already go to. 1/2 cup serving of any of their yogurts is 100 calories according to their website, but you can totally counteract all that healthiness by adding hot fudge, coconut, candy sprinkles and more. They also have fresh fruit that you can throw on top and the whole thing is pay by weight. I might have to take another field trip there soon, and then hit up the gym afterwards right?
  4. Another repeat (sorry, I was really boring this week apparently) – major high fives for my new haircut that I am loving. I also really loved the gal that did the cut – I go to the Julia Grace Salon for any locals reading this and all the girls there seem to be fantastic. I’ve been getting comments on the cut all week, too, which is deserving of a high five in and of itself, seriously.
  5. Good lighting and sweet snuggles make for cute pictures of my little model in training. I haven’t been pulling out the camera much lately but now that the weather is improving, I’m hoping I’ll be more inspired to capture all the beautiful moments around me.

A few non-photographed high fives: an awesome book club with some of my favorite ladies, two loose teeth finally coming out of MM’s mouth this week (the Tooth Fairy has been very generous), and Amazon just acquired goodreads.com I’m optimistic that this is high five worthy.

How’s your week been?

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  1. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? Avatar

    Those yogurt places are dangerous…but sooo yummy! I try to do mostly fruit with just a little something as a treat!

    And super cute hair.