High Five For Summer! Pictures of MM from the First Grade

high five 6142013

Today’s High Five is dedicated to my son, MM, who is now officially a 1st grade graduate, moving on up to the 2nd grade this Fall! We are kicking off summer vacation today – while we soak up some summer sun, enjoy 5 of my favorite photos from the school year.

1 – Bow ties are cool.

2 – First day of First Grade!

3 – Heading off to one of his first Cub Scout pack meetings.

4 – The Batman fedora!

5 – Getting ready to save the day with his sonic screw driver (why, yes, we are nerds).

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

High Five Friday: A High Five for Grandpa! (June 7th)

high five for grandpa!

I’m combining a few weeks worth of pictures into one mega High Five for Friday – entirely dedicated to the great time we had while my dad was in town visiting for the past couple weeks. We had a lot of fun going to the Bratfest together, my son’s Fun Fair, walking at Olbrich Gardens, going out for Frozen Yogurt ; and also a lot of fun hanging around the house coloring pictures, watching Sofia the First and Word Girl together and catching up on lost time.

One of the hardest parts of living here is being so far from family and friends back East and we always love it when family comes to visit (or when we get the opportunity to visit them). My dad was able to drive up for a nice long vacation with us this year and it was really nice getting to spend so much time together and for him to get to experience our every days in addition to our Super Awesome Fun Days. BB loved sharing all her favorite shows with grandpa and drawing lots of pictures and taking him to ballet classes. MM loved getting to walk to the bus stop with him and see him each afternoon – and grandpa even came with me to  volunteer in MM’s class last week!

Dan and I also got to take a couple of much needed dates while dad was here. We went out for dinner and then bowling with good friends – I think the first time that Dan and I have ever gone bowling together without the kids and we loved it so much that we are hoping to make it a regular thing. We went to see Wicked for the first time – I knew I was going to love this immensely popular musical and I was very right. Dan and I both adored the show and loved getting to spend more quality time together.

A few times we even escaped the house just to go to Target or Menards together – we had dinner at Hy-Vee which doesn’t sound exciting but it was actually kind of amazing. We tried a new to us place for ice cream before Wicked together and loved it and loved that feeling of being out on the town like a normal couple that doesn’t discuss bowel movements all day on the reg. I know that we need to make date nights more of a priority but with expenses being a bit tight, it hasn’t been happening much so having my dad pop into town and continually say, “You guys should go out, go have some fun!” was kind of amazing.

Thanks for sharing the past couple weeks with us dad – we loved having you here!

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High Five for Friday: May 17, 2013


It’s been one of those mornings. Momma woke up on the wrong side of the bed today and I’ve been struggling to find my good temperament so we can get on with our day. I knew the cure for rainy day blahs was a good cup of coffee and a little power of positive thinking! Thank god it’s Friday – I can cling to the promise of a weekend coming and join Lauren Elizabeth and all the lovely bloggers participating in High Five for Friday this week.

Want to join the fun? Just share five good things from the past week and maybe some pictures to go with. Here are mine…

1 – coffee, thank god for coffee on grouchy, rainy mornings like these. My CBTL coffee maker is still going strong and making me a happy momma each morning!
2 – listening to little BB “read” me stories -whether she has memorized the words or is just making it up as she goes along, listening to the sweet lilt of her voice and the inner workings of her imagination is priceless.
3 – we had some truly beautiful weather this week, taking BB and Doc to the park Monday morning was such a nice treat. The temperatures have been all over the place lately but most of this week has seen beautiful Spring weather.
4 – looking at the pictures Dan took at the cup scout camp out last weekend. I know these are technically not from the past week, but I haven’t gotten to share them yet and they bring a smile to my face – the boys had a great time. Isn’t that a cool little teepee fort?
5 – s’mores at last night’s Den meeting – he got marshmallow everywhere! Every time he tried to get some off, he just ended up with more somewhere else. Of course his loving mother laughed and took pictures. A nice treat on a beautiful Thursday night.

Have a great weekend guys!

high five for friday: april 26th


Happy Friday bloggy pals! It’s been a pretty busy week with a lot of sitting in waiting rooms and wishing I was drinking coffee (when I wasn’t drinking coffee). My car now has new all weather tires, a fresh oil change, new brake pads, no leaks in the transmission and it’s been freshly washed. And my bank account has a lot less money in it! But even in the most expensive, waiting room-filled weeks, there is some happy to be found. Here are my 5 photographed high points from this week:

1 : delicious coffee – is this one of my high fives every week? I suppose I wouldn’t be surprised. I sweetened mine a tad less this morning because I’m trying to cut back on my sugar intake.
2 : weather warm enough for playing in the backyard, big girls who are nearly outgrowing the play structures they used last year.
3 : awesome waiting rooms and clever children – why doesn’t she organize her toys this nicely at home?
4 : playing with puppy – he is in his glory with a new toy (I took it away three minutes later because he’d already nearly destroyed it – clearly this is the problem with inexpensive dog toys)
5 : still reeling from the amazing Rebecca Loebe house concert last weekend – my kids are going to be pretty disappointed when we don’t have an insanely talented singer songwriter come and sing to them  waaaaay past their bedtimes this weekend.

Goals for today: go grocery shopping at the new to me grocery store in the next town, start the laundry (again, does it ever end?) and maybe wake up.

Goals for next week: take pictures of my son, sit in less waiting rooms, be outside more.

Have a great weekend guys!

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high five for friday: april 19th


What a week. I think this week was hard on a lot of people. It was hard on me for a myriad of reasons – BB and I were down for the count most of the week with The Head Cold From Heck, one of those awful colds that just fills your head with pressure and doesn’t stop. I spent three days in a bathrobe that now needs to be washed badly. This week was also hard for the people of Boston or the people with loved ones in and around Boston. Or the people who are compassionate human beings who are hearing about what’s going on in Boston and can imagine it happening wherever they are. Reading my Facebook feed this week was super duper depressing to say the least.

I for one am feeling the TGIF vibe in a major way today. With fun plans this weekend and simply the relief of a long week finally ending, the head cold lifting and pizza night tonight – this weekend is welcomed with open arms. But before I walk away from the computer for the night to fix dinner and look for a movie on Netflix, here are 5 things from this week that were good. I’m linking up again with Lauren Elizabeth’s High 5 for Friday.

  1. A good hair day – took a shower and used a hair dryer and everything. It is sad how rarely I take the time to primp myself so I throw a little party when it happens. Me and instagram being the invitees.
  2. Stopping for a chai tea latte at Starbucks with BB during a busy shopping trip. I have to laugh at the spelling attempt of what I thought was a normal name. One n and two f’s… that’s a first – pretty handwriting though!
  3. It has been raining for about a week now so I am very grateful that we put a line in the backyard so that I don’t have to stand out there for every doggy bathroom break.
  4. My sweet, clever boy was pretty much jumping for joy yesterday when I told him he’d be returning to his current school next year and that his sister will be going there for 4k. I’m glad he’s happy that our transfer request was denied – it makes the situation much easier for me. This morning he excitedly told me that a 4k student rides his bus this year and that if BB can ride the bus with him in the fall that he’ll sit with her every day to keep her safe. I am so proud of my little boy.
  5. Head colds mean that my daughter napped more this week than usual – sometimes passed out cold on the couch, but hey, I’ll take what I can get. And use the moment as a photo op to take #babeinamug shots for Mommy Shorts.

Who else is seriously ready for this weekend to start? Any highlights of the past week or are you just wanting to wipe the slate clean this week?

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high five for friday: march 29th 2013


Can I just start by saying: TGIF? This has been a long week. Having MM home for Spring break has been fun but also exhausting. I’ve had a hard time keeping up with the demands of two kids with two different sets of wants and needs and an absolutely crazy puppy who is having potty training regression this week in a major way. Luckily, it’s Friday and apart from meaning we’re only one day away from the weekend, it also means it’s time for High Five For Friday. I think I could totally benefit from some Power of Positive Thinking right now.

  1. Yesterday I finally pulled out one of our Kiwi Crates which have been forming a little stockpile in my office to help illustrate my penchant for laziness or perhaps my lack of time for arts & crafts lately. I thought that these Secret Agent disguises would be a great project for both kids and I was right. They really loved this one and I continue to adore Kiwi Crate madly.
  2. I already shared with you some of these pictures, like the portrait that MM drew for me (with a little help from BB) but it totally qualifies for being mentioned as a High Five for this week, so I’m showing it again. Is it weird how much I love this drawing?
  3. Last weekend the fam and I went to Cherry Berry, a new to me frozen yogurt bar that is dangerously well located near lots of places I already go to. 1/2 cup serving of any of their yogurts is 100 calories according to their website, but you can totally counteract all that healthiness by adding hot fudge, coconut, candy sprinkles and more. They also have fresh fruit that you can throw on top and the whole thing is pay by weight. I might have to take another field trip there soon, and then hit up the gym afterwards right?
  4. Another repeat (sorry, I was really boring this week apparently) – major high fives for my new haircut that I am loving. I also really loved the gal that did the cut – I go to the Julia Grace Salon for any locals reading this and all the girls there seem to be fantastic. I’ve been getting comments on the cut all week, too, which is deserving of a high five in and of itself, seriously.
  5. Good lighting and sweet snuggles make for cute pictures of my little model in training. I haven’t been pulling out the camera much lately but now that the weather is improving, I’m hoping I’ll be more inspired to capture all the beautiful moments around me.

A few non-photographed high fives: an awesome book club with some of my favorite ladies, two loose teeth finally coming out of MM’s mouth this week (the Tooth Fairy has been very generous), and Amazon just acquired goodreads.com I’m optimistic that this is high five worthy.

How’s your week been?