High Five for Friday: May 17, 2013


It’s been one of those mornings. Momma woke up on the wrong side of the bed today and I’ve been struggling to find my good temperament so we can get on with our day. I knew the cure for rainy day blahs was a good cup of coffee and a little power of positive thinking! Thank god it’s Friday – I can cling to the promise of a weekend coming and join Lauren Elizabeth and all the lovely bloggers participating in High Five for Friday this week.

Want to join the fun? Just share five good things from the past week and maybe some pictures to go with. Here are mine…

1 – coffee, thank god for coffee on grouchy, rainy mornings like these. My CBTL coffee maker is still going strong and making me a happy momma each morning!
2 – listening to little BB “read” me stories -whether she has memorized the words or is just making it up as she goes along, listening to the sweet lilt of her voice and the inner workings of her imagination is priceless.
3 – we had some truly beautiful weather this week, taking BB and Doc to the park Monday morning was such a nice treat. The temperatures have been all over the place lately but most of this week has seen beautiful Spring weather.
4 – looking at the pictures Dan took at the cup scout camp out last weekend. I know these are technically not from the past week, but I haven’t gotten to share them yet and they bring a smile to my face – the boys had a great time. Isn’t that a cool little teepee fort?
5 – s’mores at last night’s Den meeting – he got marshmallow everywhere! Every time he tried to get some off, he just ended up with more somewhere else. Of course his loving mother laughed and took pictures. A nice treat on a beautiful Thursday night.

Have a great weekend guys!

2 responses to “High Five for Friday: May 17, 2013”

  1. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? Avatar

    Yay for dining the cure to your funk…I need some de-funking, too! Maybe in the form of sleep:)

    And maybe some s’mores, too!


  2. Catherine Vargas Avatar

    Lovely pictures! what a cute family 🙂

    Vintage Inspired Girls