Tuesday 10: Favorite Vacations

This week’s Tuesday 10 theme is all about vacations. I thought I’d split it up and share with you 5 of my favorite family vacations and then 5 vacations I want to take someday.

One of our first family vacations was to Santa’s Village in the White Mountains in 2008. This was such a beautiful and fun-filled vacation. There are a lot of fun family friendly destinations – we also went to Storyland and a few other awesome places. This was also around the time that I started getting major photo bug tendencies.

When we moved to Wisconsin we decided to turn the drive into a mini-vacation to make the most of the situation. We stopped at Niagara Falls on the way which was so beautiful but I think my favorite thing about this trip was the whole lemons into lemonade aspect and also getting to experience Niagara with my husband, son and my dad. I was so grateful that he made that trek with us.

The Wisconsin Dells are kind of a big deal around here. An entire city filled with theme parks and fun hotels with indoor water parks and awesome restaurants. One of our favorite places to stay there is the Great Wolf Lodge. We had big plans to go again this year but they have been delayed due to our impromptu puppy adoption! A fair trade, I think!

We have been doing a lot of camping since moving here. It makes my travel bug much more affordable and allows us to see a lot of different places. We’ll be going camping at least twice this summer, once with the dog and once without.

One of the cool places we discovered last year was Bookworm Gardens in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, which is along the coast of Lake Michigan. The gardens are huge and decorated with inspiration from dozens of children’s books – some classic favorites and some lesser known books. The best part is that the gardens are free! We definitely plan to go back again. I had a blast reading books with the kids and then exploring each garden and taking LOTS of pictures.

So those are five of my favorite trips we’ve taken, here are 5 that I hope to take someday:

  1. Disney World or Land – with the family. I’ve gone before as a kid and young adult but I really want to take the kids within the next 5 years ideally.
  2. Paris – actually I don’t care if this one is a family vacation or not, I just really want to go and if England and Scotland and Italy can be thrown in, I’ll be one happy camper (though I hope we won’t be camping)!
  3. The Grand Canyon – I’ve never been and it sounds like such a fun Classic Vacation Destination
  4. Hawaii or some similar tropical destination.
  5. Washington DC – This is the nerd in me coming out, I’ve always wanted to visit DC.

I could probably name like eighteen more, but this is Tuesday 10 and not Tuesday 28 so I’ll stop there. What are some of your favorite vacation memories?

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