Old School Blogging: April 2013

You know I love  good meme – I saw this blog carnival, Old School Blogging, at Krystyn‘s and decided to play along. What exactly does “old school blogging imply”? Elaine writes:

“Do you remember when we used to pass these things around and “tag” each other and then we would read and laugh and smile at each other’s answers?  I do! (and if you do not, well, even MORE reason to join in!)”

This month’s theme is all about marriage, babies and bliss. To play along, simply answer the below questions and link up at The Miss Elaine-ous Life

1. How did your husband pop the big question?

The question was kind of implied before it was popped, yet I was still surprised when he took me to Olive Garden, one of my favorite restaurants and after a delicious dinner he nervously stopped in the parking lot and said those magic words every girl wants to hear “Will you marry me?” It was a simple moment and yet one of the most important of my life – and I’d say a moment that set the tone for our marriage. :O)

2. What are the three most surprising things about married life?

  • How much I still find myself learning about him after almost seven years – as we continue to grow and mature and change, we still manage to find new things to talk about every day and new reasons to love each other.
  • Little things like him getting a haircut or wearing a new shirt make me giggle and feel like a school girl with a crush.
  • Even when we are arguing or disagree or downright upset with one another, the love doesn’t go away. Maybe this is obvious to most people, but it was revolutionary information for me.

3. How did you find out you were pregnant for the first time?

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha – no comment.

4. How did you choose your first baby’s name?

I think we had a few names chosen already and were set on the name Joshua if it was a boy and a few names if it was a girl and then we found out it was a boy and totally changed our minds. MM has a name that suits him perfectly and it was kind of by random chance that it happened. Much like my marriage proposal, it all happened in simple moments that felt exactly right.

5. Describe where you see yourself in 10 years from now…

Things I know: We’ll have a 17 year old (hold me) and a 13 year old. One child about to graduate high school and one just beginning. Sometimes I think we may live in New England again by then, or maybe just sentimentally hope? But we have a lot of job security here for a company that hubby loves so it would take a lot of What Ifs happening for that to happen. I will be 40 in ten years. These are the things I feel I can safely anticipate. The rest is the fun stuff we’re not allowed to predict. Life changes too quickly to rely on much. I imagine my husband will have taken up a hobby like cleaning rifles in the living room when BB’s boyfriends come over and that MM will be brilliant and dreaming of an impressive future of his own. I will probably have a book or twelve on my nightstand and be thinking about cookies.

6. Describe how you find bliss, either with words or images.




If you are playing along, let me know in the comments section below! I’m not much for tagging people, but if you are looking at this post and thinking it looks like fun, BAM, you’ve been tagged (that’s what tagging sounds like obvy).

4 responses to “Old School Blogging: April 2013”

  1. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? Avatar
    Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious?

    The found about about the pregnancy one has me puzzled a bit!

    And, Olive Garden…now I want a breadstick…stat!


  2. Elaine A. Avatar

    Okay, I just MUST know why you answered #3 like you did!?! And I really like the second thing you said about marriage, I feel that way sometimes too. 🙂

    Thanks for playing along and linking up!


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      let’s just say it was a rather unplanned pregnancy fraught with emotion. It all worked out wonderfully in the end of course. :O)


  3. bocafrau Avatar

    Your kids are adorable and I’m a big sucker for simple moments!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! 🙂